A Scalable and Automated Kubernetes Ingress Services Solution

Legacy app services for Kubernetes are made of multiple discrete solutions that are complex to operate with no observability and only partial automation. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) offers an integrated and scalable solution for local and global load balancing, container ingress, web app security, and WAF. All with a single central control point to simplify Kubernetes deployment.

Universal Solution for Any Application

Gain universal support for traditional and cloud-native apps in VMs, bare metal and containers across on-premises and public clouds. Enable multi-cloud and multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments with GSLB.

Integrated Kubernetes Solution

Get to production-ready Kubernetes with ingress controller, load balancing, and app security using VMware NSX ALB (Avi). Gain operational simplicity, automation, observability, and traffic management.

Rich Observability

Achieve real-time application and container performance monitoring with tracing. Obtain ML and big data driven app health and log analytics.

Intrinsic Security

Implement a Zero Trust security model and encryption, distributed WAF for security, and single sign-on for authentication and authorization. Establish a positive security model and app learning for automated allow-lists and deny-lists.

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Solution Brief

VMware NSX ALB (Avi) for Kubernetes ingress services.

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