Why Financial Services Organizations Choose VMware

Mitigate Risk

VMware intrinsic security solutions enable financial organizations with real-time visibility, control, and insight that reduces risk and lowers liability across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.

Transform Security Posture

Rethink traditional threat-centric approaches to security with an intrinsic model that operationalizes Zero-Trust through infrastructure, user, and application intelligence. 

Streamline Compliance

Detect, manage, and respond to vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and change activity across on-prem and cloud environments, and automate policy control checks across compliance frameworks.

Consolidate App and Data Protection

Consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities into an advanced security solution with consistent policies and enforcement across heterogenous apps and infrastructure. 

Use Cases

Use Cases

Protect Against Cyberattacks and Safeguard PII

VMware advanced security delivers intrinsic protection of endpoints, workloads, clouds, networks, and workspaces from the virtual layer, providing greater visibility and control over policies that protect the business. 

Fulfill Regulatory Requirements

Automate policies across compliance frameworks, detect and respond to misconfigurations and change activity, and drive greater alignment across IT and security teams.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

DVB Bank SE Enhances and Simplifies Security with VMware

DVB Bank SE bolsters network, application, and workload security at the hypervisor level, enabling intrinsic security, control, and automation across data center, hybrid cloud and edge infrastructure.

More Financial Services Solutions

Modernize Banking Infrastructure and Applications

Modernize data infrastructure and core banking apps to improve organizational performance, respond to changing customer needs, and drive business resiliency into banking operations.

Deliver Exceptional Customer and Employee Experiences

Drive value into every customer engagement and empower employees to do their best work from anywhere. Optimize the digital experience for customers and employees across devices, channels, and locations. 

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