Modernize Healthcare IT Delivery with VMware

Standardize Data Centers

  • Increase agility and ensure a digital foundation for hybrid cloud that is flexible and extensible with modern, standardized, software-defined data center architecture.
  • Reduce operating costs, complexity, and TCO with 95% faster initiative through hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Maximize exiting tools and staff skill sets with consistent infrastructure and operations.
  • Increase operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduce potential healthcare IT threat surfaces while ensuring support for new development frameworks and APIs that enable shared services to reliably deliver the apps and experiences transforming healthcare.

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Improve EHR Performance and Availability

  • Experience fewer incidents and less clinician downtime.
  • Automate anomaly detection and root-cause analysis for faster issue resolution.
  • Prevent potential problems with Smart Alerts.
  • Gain transparency through point-of-care dashboards.
  • Add storage, networking, and database insight with management packs.
  • Gain visibility into 280+ key indicators of Epic performance.
  • Integrate application and infrastructure performance data with clinical workflow automation for greater visibility into healthcare IT systems with Care Systems Analytics.

Scale Out to Public Clouds

  • Meet capacity requirements and rapidly onboard new projects.
  • Reduce TCO through a common set of management and monitoring tools across private and public cloud infrastructure.
  • Spin up and tear down environments, paying only for resources during use.
  • Access and utilize multiple clouds without vendor lock in.
  • Improve compliance through audited third-party cloud partners.
  • Run proofs of concepts in the cloud.

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Securely Deliver PHI to Clinics/Affiliates

  • Quickly deliver secure access to patient information, HIS, and billing applications to any site, anywhere.
  • Rapidly onboard new sites, remote users, or staff from mergers, providing access to all information needed for care providers and employees.
  • Securely bring urgent care clinics or other care centers online as business strategy requires. .
  • Minimize remote hardware to troubleshoot, reducing TCO.
  • Enable fast centralized updating of desktops to improve security and availability.
  • Optimize connectivity between sites with SD-WAN.

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