Assess the Security of Your VMware ESX Host Configurations

Tripwire ConfigCheck™ is a free utility you can use to rapidly assess the security of your VMware ESX host configurations, according to the VMware security hardening guidelines. Co-developed by VMware and Tripwire, ConfigCheck provides an immediate assessment of the server configuration to ensure VMware Infrastructure environments are properly configured. This utility makes it simple to:

  • Operationalize security best practices
  • Deploy virtualization in a safe, secure & compliant state
  • Reveal potential VMware ESX 3 misconfigurations
  • Improve security posture across the enterprise

Ensure Proper VMware ESX Configuration

While virtual environments present unique settings, there needs to be specific policies to manage them that are quite different from the physical environment. Utilizing the guidelines set forth in VMware Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening, IT organizations can now compare their systems to these best practice recommendations with Tripwire ConfigCheck, thereby gaining an immediate understanding of any misconfiguration within their VMware Infrastructure, giving them the ability to remediate any improper settings that could present future risk.


Tripwire ConfigCheck for VMware ESX lets IT administrators enforce policies in alignment with VMware best practices for security hardening by checking a wide range of configuration parameters such as:

  • Virtual network labeling
  • Port Group settings
  • Network isolation for VMotion and iSCSI
  • NIC Mode settings / Layer 2 Security settings
  • MAC address parameters
  • VMware ESX Service Console security settings
  • SAN resource masking and zoning
  • Disk partitioning for Root File System
  • VirtualCenter database configuration
  • Configuration changes

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Latest News

Tripwire ConfigCheck now assesses VMware ESX 3.0 hypervisor configurations to improve security for both VMware ESX 3.0 and 3.5 hosts.


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