Top highlights from VMware Security

Response to Log4Shell Vulnerability

VMware Security Update on Investigating CVE-2021-44228 Log4Shell Vulnerability.

Bridging the Developer and Security Divide

Collaboration recommendations for IT, development, and security teams.

Simpler, Faster and Smarter Security

Rethink security as an inherent and distributed part of the modern enterprise—continuously incorporating all aspects of your technology stack to deliver more effective security through a Zero Trust approach.

Security as a Built-in Distributed Service

Protect your distributed assets with security controls and consistent policy enforcement across multi-cloud environments with minimal effort and reduce the number of tools and agents.


Achieve full coverage of your environment by connecting the dots while reducing complexity and blind spots.

Implement Zero Trust With Few Tools and Silos

By connecting the four critical Zero Trust control points, you can assess the security situation accurately and close security gaps with improved data sharing between Security, IT, Operations and Development teams.


Take faster action with greater efficiency and spend less time on administrivia with fewer security products.

Scale Response With Confidence, Speed, and Accuracy

Gain authoritative context of your environment with trustworthy and actionable threat intelligence. Assess vulnerabilities, identify gaps in defenses, and quickly adjust controls and policies to thwart attacks. 

Security Solutions

Anywhere Workspace (Users and Devices)

  •  Manage multi-modal employee experience
  •  Secure the distributed edge
  • Automate the workspace

Network Security

  • Simplify firewall deployment and operations
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Deliver “security as code”
  • Protect users and distributed workloads

Endpoint Security (Devices)


  • Analyze system events to understand what is normal
  •  Prevent attackers from abusing legitimate tools
  • Automate your investigation workflow to respond efficiently

Cloud Security

  • Smarter context across all elements
  • Detect cloud misconfigurations and remediate without escalating write privileges
  • Reliable, optimal connectivity paired with visibility

Workload and DevOps Security

  • Simplify multi-cloud operations and deliver secure software faster.
  • Secure full lifecycle of modern applications. 
  • Maintain DevOps velocity with embedded security.

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