VMware View 3.1.3 addresses an important cross-site scripting vulnerability

VMware Security Advisory
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VMware View 3.1.3 addresses an important cross-site scripting vulnerability
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2010-05-05 (initial release of advisory)
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1. Summary

VMware View 3.1.3 addresses an important cross-site scripting vulnerability


2. Relevant releases

VMware View before version 3.1.3

Extended support for VMware View (formerly Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM)) 3.x ends on 2011-05-11. Users should plan to upgrade to VMware View 4.0 or the newest release of VMware View.

3. Problem Description

VMware View 3.1.3 addresses an cross-site scripting vulnerability in VMware View. In order for an attacker to exploit the vulnerability, the attacker would need to lure the user to click on the attacker's URL.

VMware would like to thank Alexey Sintsov from Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] for reporting this issue to us. The issue is identifed as DSECRG-09-058 by Digital Security Research Group.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the name CVE-2010-1143 to this issue.

The VMware has rated this issue as important according the the VMware security response policy.

Column 4 of the following table lists the action required to remediate the vulnerability in each release, if a solution is available.

VMware Product =============
Product Version ========
Running on =======
Replace with/ Apply Patch =================
VMware Product ============= VMware View
Product Version ======== 4.0
Running on ======= Windows
Replace with/ Apply Patch ================= not affected
VMware Product ============= VMware View
Product Version ======== 3.1.x
Running on ======= Windows
Replace with/ Apply Patch ================= View 3.1.3 build 252693

4. Solution

Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version and verify the md5sum and/or the sha1sum of your downloaded file.

VMware View
Release notes


VMware View Connection Server
md5sum: 5bce2a1af01ffe079a3f830433a5336d
sha1sum: 230283a6e3ed3a18d84d7a208e4d9528cc1d0d2a

VMware View Agent
md5sum: 7861f24728967053ffd5b033aa6d1598
sha1sum: baec201dbddb802037ff4dab7da24d82fe09d972

VMware View Client
md5sum: ac698edc8a861c5c7b7f7086dcf36054
sha1sum: d04a494925e2488974076c3948b7b7b239172319

6. Change Log

2010-05-05 VMSA-2010-0008
Initial security advisory released in conjunction with VMware View 3.1.3 on 2010-05-05.

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