VMware vMA addresses a security issue

VMware Security Advisory
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VMware vMA addresses a security issue
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2012-05-25 (initial advisory)
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1. Summary

VMware vMA addresses a security issue

2. Relevant releases

vMA 4.0

vMA 4.1

vMA 5 patch 1 (


3. Problem Description

a. VMware Library file loading Privilege Escalation
A flaw in the way library files are loaded could allow for privilege escalation.
VMware would like to thank Thorsten Tüllmann for reporting this issue to us.
The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( cve.mitre.org) has assigned the name CVE-2012-2752 to this issue.
Column 4 of the following table lists the action required to remediate the vulnerability in each release, if a solution is available.

VMware Product
Product Version
Running on
Replace with / Apply Patch
VMware Product vMA
Product Version any
Running on any
Replace with / Apply Patch vMA 5.0 Patch 2 (*

* Customers who are running vMA 4.0 and vMA 4.1 would need to update to vMA 5.0 Patch 2 ( to remediate this issue.

4. Solution

Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version and verify the checksum of your downloaded file.

vMA 5.0
md5sum: 3537169e177d5ddf987926b428fffb20
sha1sum: 6720cb255109d3a93be5a3af6c35fd9efae7261a

6. Change log

2012-05-25 VMSA-2012-0010
Initial security advisory in conjunction with the release of vMA 5.0 patch 2 ( on 2012-05-25.

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