VMware Contexa: Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence

With access to the full breadth of network and endpoint technologies, VMware Contexa observes and evaluates every process running on an endpoint and every packet crossing the network. Enterprises of all sizes rely on VMware Contexa to better protect users, endpoints, networks, and workloads.

See More. Stop More.

VMware Contexa leverages full-fidelity data and distributed control points to apply shared security context. No other threat intelligence cloud analyzes as massive and complete a footprint of telemetry to stop today’s threats.

Authoritative Context

Confidently correlating threats across your environment is simpler than ever with the authoritative context delivered by VMware Contexa via VMware’s intrinsic visibility.

Lateral Security

VMware Contexa sees every single lateral hop of an attack across endpoints, workloads, and networks. This unique visibility reveals not just the connection, but the entire conversation. The pioneers of modern virtualization now protect VMs like no other—and provide innovative protection for modern applications.

Zero-Touch Detection

Protect your organization against rapidly evolving threats automatically. VMware Contexa strikes the balance of humans and technology with expert threat researchers and enterprise-scale machine learning.

Connecting Control Points Across Your Environment

VMware Contexa drives shared context across users, endpoints, networks, and workloads across multiple clouds. VMware Contexa leverages full-fidelity data, distributed control points, and distributed intelligence to apply shared security context. Discover a cohesive, pre-integrated platform that offers a range of services, enabling seamless experiences, delivering effective security and automation.





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