Decades of Cybersecurity Expertise at Your Fingertips

Howlers bring thought leadership, strategy and practical implementation expertise to the ever-increasing challenges in cybersecurity.
We operate at the intersection of business agility and technology opportunity. Our goal is to enable you to make future-ready, risk-based decisions that are right for your business in a cloud-first, zero-day world.

The Tenets of a Howler


As part of the account team at VMware, and in every customer interaction, Trust is our currency. Howlers help the CxO with strategic thought leadership, defining actionable program plans, and the design of future ready security organizationally as well as technically.

VMware NSX


Through our CxO Deep Dive program we build a relational community where CxOs share best practices, as well as challenges, and find solutions. Howlers facilitate Community through sharing, education, and thought leadership, and participate in existing security communities.

VMware HCX


Howlers know how to help teams and customers get the outcomes they desire. There is nothing like experience to help people get their goals on the fast-track. Across industry verticals, in all sectors, Howlers bring insights that quickly add value to the security conversation.

The Howlers

The Howlers and extended Howler team provide direct support to VMware’s customer-facing teams and the cybersecurity community at large with expertise spanning Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Aerospace, Federal, Technology sectors and beyond.

Karen Worstell

Rick McElroy

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