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Each session, cybersecurity experts join our host, Stacia Tympanick, to discuss current cybersecurity happenings. The topics range from SLED to Post Pandemic Preparedness to MITRE ATT&CK Assessments and beyond, with special guests including cybersecurity strategists Tom "TK" Kellerman and Rick McElroy. If it's relevant, the Howlers are talking about it – join our conversation! Tweet topics, questions, and comments to @vmw_carbonblack

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Check out past episodes in which our cybersecurity experts discuss current threats and challenges, provide actionable tips and resources, and answer listener questions.

Ask the Howlers: Iron Rain in a New Age (Episode 22)

Explore the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of these groups over the years. How do experts predict these groups will evolve and how can organizations be prepared and protected?

Ask the Howlers: 2021 Global Outlook (Episode 21)

Get a glimpse into the findings of our most recent 2021 Threat Outlook Report. What can defenders expect in 2021?

Ask the Howlers: Threat Detection & IR in the New Threat Landscape (Episode 20)

The pandemic has catalyzed the development of a dangerous new threat landscape, introducing new vulnerabilities, counter IR surges and more. What can organizations do to strengthen their security posture?

Ask the Howlers: XDR & Security Automation (Episode 19)

XDR is a relatively new concept in the industry, and implementing it is often aligned with security automation. How can security automation make an impact on your organization?

Ask the Howlers: XDR & Security on a Global Scale (Episode 18)

Working from home has brought many challenges including security, coordinating different time zones, and the blending of home and work. How can we work to stay secure at home and on a global level?

Ask the Howlers: Looking Forward to the New Year (Episode 17)

As 2020 draws to a close, we’ve encountered several new cybersecurity threats, changed with the security landscape, and become more vigilant in our digital world. What can we expect from 2021?

Ask the Howlers: Holiday Threats (Episode 16)

This year, the holidays promise a cyber shopping experience like we’ve never seen. What are we expecting from bad actors this year and how are we going to stay ahead of them?

Ask the Howlers: Securing Workloads (Episode 15)

Securing network, endpoint, and virtual infrastructure is shifting to accommodate the changing threat landscape. How can security and IT teams secure workloads to ensure systems are future ready?

Ask the Howlers: Counter Incident Response and Cyber Arson (Episode 14)

Hackers and other bad actors have found newer, more sophisticated ways of attacking people, organizations, and information. What are some of the tactics, motives, and even ethics involved when disrupting cybersecurity?

Ask the Howlers: Special Edition – Election Security in the US (Episode 13)

In a special US election segment featuring Howler Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at VMware, join the discussion on election security, considering both traditional concerns in addition to the added complexity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ask the Howlers: VMworld Recap (Episode 12)

Intrinsic Security is the innovative solution to traditional security failing. Virtual VMworld 2020 took place in from September 29th to October 1st with sessions spanning across time zones around the world. What were some of the top intrinsic security innovations, solutions, and sessions?

Ask the Howlers: Global Pandemic Healthcare Cyberattacks (Episode 11)

Around the time that the crisis was categorized as a pandemic, it became clear that we were amid a global crisis. At that time, hackers promised “no more healthcare cyber attacks” during COVID-19. What are the repercussions of these hackers going back on their word for our communities?

Ask the Howlers: Iron Rain (Episode 10)

Persistence and counter Iron Rain are key concepts when it comes to the effectiveness of cybersecurity and protecting against cyber insurgency. How do persistence and counter Iron Rain play a role, and are your containers truly secure?

Ask The Howlers: SLED Organizations in the New Norm (Episode 9)

In adapting to the “new norm,” state and local governments are looking for ways to enable work from home employees. How can employees be enabled and secure during this time?

Ask the Howlers: Black Hat 2020 Bonus Content (Episode 8)

In this special bonus episode, renowned security analyst, author, and TED Speaker Keren Elazari joins security strategist Rick McElroy to recap Black Hat 2020. What are the key takeaways from this year’s virtual conference? Tune in to find out.

Ask the Howlers: The Intersection of SLED & Tech (Episode 7)

In this episode, security experts Sanara Marsh, Stacia Tympanick, and Ryan Hendricks explore how technology intersects with education and our state and local governments. How do these two industries interact and work together in the security realm?

Ask the Howlers: Long Term WFH (Episode 6)

In this episode, security experts R Trent Greenwood and special guest Neil Wyler from RSA discuss securing the future of remote work. How can we continue to adapt and thrive in this new normal?

Ask the Howlers: Incident Response in a Remote World (Episode 5)

The future of remote work presents key security challenges. How will SOC teams triage alerts and keep remote endpoints secure at scale?

Ask the Howlers: Unsung Heroes vs. Hacktivists (Episode 4)

How are attackers evolving and what is malware as a microservice? Howlers Stacia Tympanick, Tom Kellerman, and Rick McElroy join host Ryan Murphy to discuss the latest news, security challenges, and answer your questions. Plus, enjoy special segments on FISMA and more information on Tom Kellermann’s virtual hearing.

Ask the Howlers: Long Term Remote Work (Episode 3)

Several organizations have been forced to adapt to remote work as the “new normal”. How are organizations preparing to secure WFH for the long-term? Join our expert discussion on the latest threats and security challenges with host Rick McElroy and panelists from Albertsons Companies, Milton Security, and VMware Carbon Black.

Ask the Howlers: MITRE ATT&CK Assessment (Episode 2)

Our experts discuss the latest MITRE ATT&CK assessment results. Howlers Jared Myers, Greg Foss, and Jimmy Astlejoin host Ryan Murphy to discuss the latest news, security challenges, and answer your questions. Plus, enjoy special segments on social engineering, and the latest attack vectors.

Ask the Howlers: Healthcare Threats and Payment Security (Episode 1)

Healthcare and financial enterprises are especially vulnerable to new COVID-19 threat vectors. What is the cyberattack playbook, and how can you prepare? Plus, enjoy a special segment on healthcare enterprise resiliency and blockchain.

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