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The Strongest Defense for Your Multi-Cloud

Learn how to better defend against advanced threats on your journey to Zero Trust.

Simplify Security Architecture

Prevent Lateral Movement of Attacks

Dramatically reduce the attack surface by aligning security controls including world-class workload protection, intrusion detection and prevention, and web application firewall to east-west data center traffic.

Rapidly Deploy Network Segmentation

Quickly segment the data center using existing network constructs to create zones in software without re-architecting the network or deploying discrete appliances.

High Performance and Secure Application Access

Extend the enterprise perimeter to branch, cloud, and remote users and merge networking with security to protect distributed users and applications against internal and external threats from all levels through a secure access service edge (SASE) solution.

Respond with Speed and Hunt with Accuracy

Secure Web Application Delivery

Leverage a comprehensive stack of application security featuring an Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) to protect vulnerable servers against web application attacks and ensure a fast, scalable, and secure application experience.

Why VMware for Network Security?

Built-in Security

Take advantage of tamper-proof security that is built into the hypervisor for superior protection and is specific to every application and workload.

End-to-end Visibility

Combine enterprise-wide insight into network traffic, threats, and centralized management to see and secure it all.

Distributed Architecture

Fully distribute network security policy in software for scalable and ubiquitous east-west traffic protection, ensuring there are no blind spots and reducing architectural complexity.

Elastic Scalability and Throughput

Eliminate the throughput constraints typical of appliance-based firewalls and autoscale on-demand for massive traffic inspection capacity without impacting performance.

Workload Context

Benefit from the unique position in the hypervisor to gain the in-depth workload and network context needed to enable superior threat detection, faster forensics, and lower false positives.

Multi-Cloud Consistency

Simplify administration across private and public clouds with consistent, centralized policies for operational consistency.

VMware Network Security Products

NSX Service-Defined Firewall

Layer 7 internal firewall

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Software-based IDS/IPS solution

NSX Intelligence

Distributed analytics engine native to NSX

VMware Secure Access

Enable secure and high-performance access for remote and mobile users

NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Multi-cloud load balancing platform

vRealize Network Insight

App-centric network visibility

Related Intrinsic Security Solutions

Workspace Security

Deliver a complete endpoint security solution by combining unified endpoint management (UEM) and threat detection & response capabilities.

Cloud Security

Help public cloud teams mitigate risk through intelligent, real-time security insight to proactively address threats across cloud platforms.

Endpoint and Workload Security

Prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks with a cloud native platform for endpoints and workloads.

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