Hear From the Experts on Solving Security Challenges

The security landscape is rapidly becoming more complex and unpredictable. VMware Security leadership provides unique perspectives on security trends, innovations, and requirements for reshaping cybersecurity. From real-life customer conversations, critical research insights, to thought-provoking keynotes and more, gain strategic insights on securing your organization today and on future horizons.

Simplify Security Complexity

Learn how leveraging security as a distributed service and connecting control points, can lead to greater situational intelligence. Explore how this approach enables technologies and teams redefine security to make it simpler, faster, and smarter.

Secure the Distributed Workforce

Learn the experts’ perspectives on security trends, innovations, and requirements for reshaping cybersecurity in today’s era of distributed workforce.

Security Complexity: Customers speak

Hear from VMware customers on several real-world situations where their organizations, partnering with VMware, battle against today’s most sophisticated threats.

Enhance Development with Better Security

Explore the findings from VMware and Forrester custom research on the ways to get faster SDLC and better development efficiency with enhanced security.

Champion Cybersecurity with Experts Insights

Hear compelling insights on tools and technical tactics available to security practitioners on the front lines of the cybersecurity battle.

Choosing your Developer Toolkit

Learn to operationalize the VMware Carbon Black Cloud through other tools and dashboards, and get the latest updates and enhancements made to its open APIs and developer tools.

Ensure Security Hygiene for DevOps

Learn why Security should be an inherent part of the DevOps process and automated during development, for faster deployment of quality applications.

Enhance Your Security with Latest Innovation and Research

Stay ahead of the latest threats and attack techniques. The leading minds at the VMware Threat Analysis Unit (TAU), bring you cutting-edge threat research to protect against attackers.

Strengthen Your Ransomware Defense

Understand a real-world ransomware attack and how VMware’s innovations inside the cloud, teamed with cloud-to-cloud security, provide the most robust defense in the industry.

Prevent Attacks and Stay Cybersafe

Learn from the VMware Carbon Black Managed Detection team about the latest attack trends and gain strategic and tactical knowledge on malicious behavior and the best practices to reduce risk.

Improve Cobalt Strike Detection

Learn to identify Cobalt Strike’s abused components, especially the Beacon, at the host and network levels and combat against ever-increasing threat actors.

Deep Dive into the 2020 Threat Landscape

Gain insights derived from data collected from VMware sensors deployed behind firewalls and, in the data center to understand highly evasive and sophisticated attacks.

Transform Security with Innovation and Simplicity

Position your organization better against ever-evolving threats with VMware’s latest Security product strategies.

Explore Zero Trust Security

Learn from VMware senior security leaders about how to achieve control and visibility of east/west traffic, strengthen end-point security and enable a “Work from Anywhere” workforce.

Explore SIEM

Get all your answers for SIEM implementation as an expert at VMware showcases simple use case with tools like ELK, PowerBI, VMware Log Insight, and Splunk that help upfront modeling and analysis.

Gain Insights on Cyber Physical Security

As the need for cyber and physical security is accelerated in the post-pandemic world, explore how AI can help improve security and IOT automations.

Simplify Endpoint Security Efficacy

Learn VMware's vision for endpoint security and workflow using Carbon Black cloud and latest advancements spanning Next-Generation Antivirus, Enterprise EDR & Managed Detection.

Elevate Your Knowledge on Changing Security Ecosystem

Get all your answers for securing your businesses today and into the future while implementing digital transformation. VMware experts help you gather deeper insights on various ecosystem strategies to navigate you through different environments, emerging platforms, and evolving threats.

Take a Practical Approach for End-to-End Zero Trust

Learn the capabilities to achieve a zero-trust architecture that is aligned to the NIST guidance and covers secure access for users and workloads.

Mount a Robust Strategy Against Ransomware

Learn to protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber-attacks across all technology stacks, regardless of purpose or location, with VMware solutions for end-users, private clouds, public clouds, and modern apps.

Improve Security Efficiency with XDR

Discover how to leverage Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to help implement Zero Trust as XDR enables transitioning to next-gen systems and modern apps without increasing security complexity.

Explore Innovations in Securing Public Cloud

Learn about the latest VMware innovations aimed at providing cloud security teams with cloud native application protection abilities and controls to protect applications over public cloud.

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