Protect Against Current, Future and Unknown Attacks.

Organizations are Choosing VMware Carbon Black Over Kaspersky

Customers choose VMware Carbon Black Cloud over Kaspersky because they want a market-proven solution, lightweight protection with built-in tools, and an easy-to-manage cloud solution that updates automatically and seamlessly.


VMware Aria Automation Config

Organizations Are Looking to VMware Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black Cloud collects and analyzes unfiltered endpoint data to make predictions about and protect against current, future and unknown attacks. Prevent attacks, identify threats in progress, and remediate gaps and issues from a single console.

VMware Carbon Black vs. Kaspersky


Outdated Endpoint Detection and Response

Without mature, integrated endpoint detection and response (EDR) and the ability to access devices remotely, Kaspersky has limited ability to prevent, detect or respond to advanced attacks.



Requires Multiproduct and Policy Configurations

Kaspersky delivers a stack of independent technologies with independent policy configurations, making it difficult to keep everything running smoothly and up to date against the latest threats.

VMware Carbon Black

Protects from the Unknown

VMware Carbon Black Cloud stops all types of attacks, including malware and more advanced attacks, by using event stream processing and machine learning. Close security gaps and clean up attack remnants by remotely accessing the device over a secure connection.


Easy to Manage and Update

VMware Carbon Black Cloud updates automatically and seamlessly from the cloud, so you always have the latest protection. You pay for what you use, and we do not force the entire product suite on you.

Compare VMware Carbon Black and Kaspersky

Organizations choose VMware Carbon Black over Kaspersky. When compared side-by-side, it’s clear why.



VMware Carbon Black

Stops malware
Stops advanced attacks
Offline protection
Single lightweight agent
Has a clean, cloud-based UI
Updates automatically and seamlessly
Provides visibility to all threats and endpoint activity

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