Protect Against Current, Future and Unknown Attacks.

Organizations are Choosing VMware Carbon Black over McAfee

If you are a McAfee customer, or interested in McAfee’s products, you may be questioning McAfee’s ability to keep up with technology advancements that address advanced threat prevention, detection and response. Customers are choosing VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ over McAfee because they want comprehensive protection, a lightweight cloud platform, and visibility into all threat and endpoint activities.

VMware Aria Automation Config

Organizations Are Looking to VMware Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black Cloud collects and analyzes endpoint data to make predictions about and protect against current, future and unknown attacks. Prevent attacks, identify threats in progress, translate nefarious scripts and remediate gaps and issues from a single console.

VMware Carbon Black vs. McAfee


Advanced Breaches Risk

McAfee’s signature-based technology only stops file-based attacks, leaving customers at risk for more advanced breaches.


Endpoint Performance Issues and Updates

McAfee can cause performance issues on endpoints, leaving users frustrated. Furthermore, McAfee requires regular manual updates, which can quickly become out of date.


Lack of Visibility

McAfee makes it difficult to close security gaps because of a lack of visibility into how threats happen.




VMware Carbon Black

Protects from the Unknown

VMware Carbon Black Cloud stops both malware and non-malware attacks, protecting users from all forms of attacks.


Easy to Manage

VMware Carbon Black Cloud provides users with an easier, lightweight cloud platform including a consolidated agent and user interface. The intuitive, cloud-based UI requires no infrastructure to manage, simple agent updates, and no complex policies.


Informed Decision-Making

VMware Carbon Black Cloud provides more control and visibility of all threats and endpoint activities.

Compare VMware Carbon Black and McAfee

Organizations choose VMware Carbon Black over McAfee. When compared side-by-side, it’s clear why.


VMware Carbon Black

Stops malware    
Stops advanced attacks    
Offline protection    
Single lightweight agent    
Has a clean, cloud-based UI    
Updates automatically and seamlessly    
Provides visibility to all threats and endpoint activity    

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