Protect Against Current, Future and Unknown Attacks.

Organizations are Choosing VMware Carbon Black over Tanium

Whether you are a Tanium customer or interested in Tanium’s products, you may question how well Tanium meets your evolving needs. Customers select VMware Carbon Black Cloud over Tanium because they want a single-agent solution, complete visibility across all endpoints, and an easy-to-use cloud native endpoint protection platform (EPP).


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Protect against current, future and unknown attacks. VMware Carbon Black supports a number of different services that help organizations prevent attacks, identify threats in progress, and remediate gaps and issues from a single console.

VMware Carbon Black vs. Tanium


Built for IT, Not SecOps

Tanium is built for IT operations, leaving security professionals to implement a completely separate product for their needs.


Limited Data Source

Tanium uses data from your own environment with access only to endpoints that are online and on the corporate network.


On Premises

Tanium is an on premises solution, which makes it more complicated and expensive to operate and maintain.


VMware Carbon Black

Single Lightweight Agent Built for SecOps

VMware Carbon Black Cloud meets the needs of both cybersecurity professionals and IT operations teams, consolidating multiple agent actions.


Complete Visibility

Access your data whenever you need it, even if systems are offline. Leverage a global network of data for visibility into both historical and current data across your endpoints—on and off the corporate network.


Cloud Native EPP

Deploy, manage and stay updated with the latest threat intelligence. Through its single agent, VMware Carbon Black Cloud allows you to quickly query and remediate endpoints, investigate alerts and prevent threats.

Compare VMware Carbon Black and Tanium

Organizations choose VMware Carbon Black over Tanium. When compared side-by-side, it’s clear why.



VMware Carbon Black

Full endpoint platform for both security and IT Ops
Easy queries and reporting from a single unified console
Supports off-network endpoints    
Real-time data and analytics from millions of endpoints
Cloud based
Displays real-time current state
Complete historical data
Open-source plug-ins and query database    


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