CIOs Reveal Their Priorities and Successes in IT Transformation

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Building a High-Performance Digital Culture

Digital transformation isn't just about devices and architecture - it can only be accomplished when there is a shift in company culture as well. IT leaders need to begin by building trust first with the people in their organization and then empower them with the technology that can improve performance and foster innovation.

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CIOs Need to Take the Lead on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping deliver revenue growth with better customer experiences, increasing innovation, and improving operational effectiveness. However, most firms are just getting started and many are pursuing a broad array of uncoordinated AI initiatives. Surveying respondents from large enterprises, Forrester uncovered some key insights.

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Bask Iyer, VMware: What it Takes to Be a CIO Today

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Bask Iyer, VMware: What it Takes to Be a CIO Today

Yesterday's CIO was a service provider that kept the lights on. Today's CIO is a business person who understands how to integrate technology into their organization. Those technology leaders who evolve are going to be successful because IT is becoming a central function for every company. You have to be a visionary, but at the same time, you have to make sure the wi-fi is working.


Joseph Johnson, Windstream: Integrating The Old and The New

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Joseph Johnson, Windstream: Integrating The Old and The New

Creating an exceptional digital experience for customers takes more than technical acumen. You need to know the business you're in and see things through the lens of the customer as well as the people within the company. You'll also have to use that knowledge to create new application that generates new experiences while maintaining legacy systems and tying everything together.

Building a Digital Foundation

Learn how companies across multiple industries are forming long-term partnerships with VMware in order to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world. Hear from technology leaders at the top companies in healthcare, finance, telecommunications, automotive and other vertices across the globe. VMware is revolutionizing the way organizations are able to deliver value to their customers while enabling the business.

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Discovering the Customer Journey

Each week, VMware invites executives from some of the world's largest enterprises to the newly built Discovery Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Along with the hands-on demonstrations, business leaders get to spend from 4 hours to 4 days with our subject matter specialists, learning how VMware can be a critical technology and business partner that will not only help them meet current challenges but also transform their companies for the digital age.

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What is the Digital Clinical Workspace?

The unification of user, desktop, and mobile management enables a digital clinical workspace that moves with care providers throughout their day. This connected care experience enables secure simple access to patient information from the right device for the right task at the right time.

Healthcare IT Modernization and the Adoption of Hybrid Cloud

Get IDC perspectives on how forward-thinking healthcare organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructure and accelerating adoption of 3rd Platform technologies such as public cloud to address global objectives to reduce costs, improve quality of care, and increase patient and clinician satisfaction. Compare your organization’s hybrid cloud journey to global peers and glean insight into architecting a true hybrid cloud for healthcare workloads.

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How Banking is Modernizing IT

Retail banks are increasingly leveraging the availability of solutions and platforms "as-a-service" to take advantage of improved agility, decreased time to market, and lower costs. IDC provides research to help compare your organization’s hybrid cloud journey to global peers and glean insight into architecting a true hybrid cloud for financial workloads.

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Governments are Making Hybrid Cloud a Reality

Government organizations face an unprecedented opportunity to migrate, enhance, or replace legacy systems that have historically constrained digital transformation and innovation. The question isn’t whether to move to cloud, but which applications and services can be deployed more efficiently and effectively via public cloud across a broad range of strategies—from on-demand capacity, DR, and backup to application migration, modernization, and next-generation development.

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Building Your Digital Business

Empowering Business Agility and Innovation

Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. To support this, IT must similarly transform. VMware enables IT organizations to deliver IT infrastructure and application services with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth while optimizing total cost of ownership.

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Re-Architecting Trust to Protect Your Brand

Cyber-criminals are assaulting every part of the enterprise. But not all cyber-attacks are created equal. In the minds of senior executives, the greatest danger of cyber-attacks is damage to the reputation of the firm with its customers.

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Delivering Exceptional Mobile Experiences

In the age of mobile and cloud, consumer devices and application experiences are shaping how businesses drive digital transformation. Consumer experience is changing employee expectations, creating new application demands and forging new opportunities to change business processes.

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