Optimize Your Approach to App Modernization

Build Apps and Microservices

It might start with just an idea for an application. Our designers and engineers work alongside your development team from concept to code to production. We use agile development methods and product design best practices to deliver an application that makes the best use of microservices and APIs.

Build modern applications with VMware to accelerate your development process and keep pace with a digital-first world.

Modernize Existing Apps

Identifying the right strategy for application modernization can be challenging. Sometimes, the answer is to break apart an existing monolith into loosely coupled microservices. Other times, simply containerizing an application and moving it to a platform like Kubernetes can deliver immediate benefits.

We’ll help you navigate the journey, improve the developer experience, and establish repeatable, secure, and efficient processes.

Consume Kubernetes Across Private and Public Clouds

Get started with Kubernetes quickly and take command of every Kubernetes cluster anywhere—on premises, in a public cloud, and at the edge. Deploy and operate with consistency to realize more than 90% operational efficiency.

Manage policies and security for all your Kubernetes clusters from a single command center. Plus, unlock a ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime that’s fully aligned to open source.

Embrace DevSecOps for Modern Apps

Releasing high quality code to production faster and more frequently requires a secure software supply chain, well-managed infrastructure, and a way to automate the steps between development and production. Get the tools to adopt a DevSecOps mindset and automate security at the container, microservice and platform levels, without slowing down developers. Then you can focus more on building valuable applications and less on managing increasingly complex architectures.

App Modernization Products & Services

VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Secure and simplify the container lifecycle to speed the delivery of modern apps at scale.

VMware Tanzu Application Service

A modern application platform for enterprises that want to continuously deliver and run microservices across clouds.

VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Get VMware Tanzu up and running for free in minutes on your local workstation or favorite cloud.

VMware Tanzu Labs

Accelerate the delivery of software and modernize legacy apps, while reducing operating costs and risk.

Key Questions About App Modernization

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that transform how enterprises build and operate modern applications.

VMware Tanzu is grounded in open source, and our team manages and contributes to many valuable projects, including Kubernetes, Spring, RabbitMQ and Harbor.  Releases are closely aligned to upstream distributions of open-source software, packaged for enterprise adoption, and supported by VMware. For a full list of projects that are part of Tanzu, visit our open-source site .

VMware Tanzu provides the technologies to build a modern software supply chain, as well as the services and expertise to help you build new cloud-native applications and modernize existing applications. VMware Tanzu helps you start where you are, whether you want to power up Kubernetes in vSphere, manage modern applications across clouds, or observe everything from full-stack applications to cloud infrastructure.

VMware Tanzu is inherently multi-cloud, offering you the flexibility to run modern applications on Kubernetes anywhere—on premises, in a public cloud, and at the edge. Choose the best cloud technology to meet your ever-evolving application and business needs, which could include regulatory requirements, data sovereignty, or even labor costs.

The fastest way to start is with VMware Tanzu Basic, which offers a common Kubernetes core that is embedded in vSphere and easy to deploy and operate across public clouds and edge. 

It’s easy to integrate VMware Tanzu with other Kubernetes distributions. VMware Tanzu Mission Control delivers a single point of control for all your compliant Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where they reside. This allows you to simplify the way you provision, manage and apply policies to your clusters.

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