VMware Fellow 

Andrew Lambeth joined VMware in 2001 to work on the ESX vmkernel networking stack. In the subsequent years he became the technical lead for all of ESX networking and spearheaded the design and implementation of foundational innovations in virtual networking such as the modular virtual switch, and distributed virtual switch. Andrew left VMware in 2010 to work on the NVP SDN controller at Nicira, and returned in 2012 via the VMware acquisition of Nicira. He now serves as a platform architect for the NSX product. Andrew has over 30 issued patents assigned to VMware and was appointed Fellow in 2016 for his overall contributions to virtual networking.


Prior to VMware Andrew studied Chemistry at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and worked at DC area startups on network security products such as firewalls and intrusion detection appliances.

Andrew Lambeth