VMware Kicks Off Campaign to Spark Conversations and Accelerate Digital Transformation Across Singapore

New initiative aims to address questions around digital transformation to augment the full economic impact of Singapore’s digital economy

 SINGAPORE, 15 April 2019 – VMware has embarked on a campaign to raise awareness on the myriad business possibilities digital transformation brings for Singapore by debuting #AgentsOfCloud, the first of a series of #AskMeAnything sessions. With a focus on addressing questions around cloud computing, #AgentsOfCloud will drive conversations around the potential of cloud and its positive impacts on businesses. 


#AgentsOfCloud will be held on Tuesday 23 April 2019, on VMware’s LinkedIn page. IT practitioners’, Technology enthusiasts, members of the public are welcome to pose questions online and get answers from VMware’s experts directly. 


With digital transformation expected to add an estimated US$10 billion (1) to Singapore’s gross domestic product by 2021, businesses in the country are poised to reap the economic value of an increasingly digital economy. However, many organizations in Singapore are still cautious in their approach towards digital transformation, with 97% (2) of them  citing technological limitations or security as key barriers to full digital transformation. To highlight how cloud is key to successful digital transformation, VMware’s #AgentsOfCloud will allay concerns around cloud adoption and showcase the company’s end to end cloud portfolio. VMware Cloud is uniquely positioned to help Singapore businesses succeed in their cloud journey, providing them with the capabilities to build the right cloud foundation, offering them choice and flexibility through an array of cloud providers, while empowering them with CloudHealth to better manage, operate and secure their cloud environments to enable compliance and business continuity. 


#AgentsOfCloud will be hosted by Santoso Suwignyo, Chief Technologist, Southeast Asia and Korea, VMware and Clement Wong, Cloud Solution Strategist, Asia Pacific and Japan, VMware will host the #AskMeAnything session, answering questions submitted by the public. 


“By sharing how cloud can be harnessed as a gamechanger for business, VMware is helping organizations better understand cloud – what it does, how it enables digital transformation, and how to be cloud smart. This highlights our commitment to the industry by driving meaningful conversations within the business community, so everyone can scale up and become more adept in the art of digital transformation,” said Santoso Suwignyo, Chief Technologist, Southeast Asia and Korea, VMware. “I am excited to be part of VMware’s #AskMeAnything campaign as it creates a very accessible platform for us to share our expertise to accelerate the cloud journey for Singapore businesses.”


Clement Wong, Cloud Solution Strategist, Asia Pacific and Japan, VMware said, “Cloud is a critical part of any organizations’ digital foundation, providing them with a more secure platform to deliver new applications, customer experiences and business models. I am looking forward to the #AgentsOfCloud session to share how businesses can harness cloud to respond quickly to new opportunities, so they can thrive in Singapore’s increasingly digital future. By engaging with stakeholders directly, we will help them better understand what’s needed for successful digital transformation, aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation drive.


”VMware’s #AskMeAnything series is a part of a broader integrated campaign that combines workshops, webinars and seminars aimed at fostering better understanding on the business possibilities of cloud and how it plays a key role in digital transformation. 


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