Deliver the Best Experience from Azure at the Lowest Cost

Decrease Costs and Increase Performance

See how Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure delivers the best Azure Virtual Desktop experience at the lowest cost.

Become a Horizon Cloud Expert

VMware Tech Zone has all the technical information you need to get started wrapped up in the Mastering Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure path.

Lower DaaS Costs and Simplify Management

The next-gen hybrid DaaS architecture behind Horizon Cloud is the lowest-cost approach to deploying Windows 10 and Windows 11 virtual desktops and apps from Azure with all the enterprise-class capabilities of VMware Horizon. From a single cloud-based console, you can deploy and manage desktops wherever they are–on-premises or in Azure–with cloud-native features like application, user environment, and power management, plus much more.

Leverage your Azure Virtual Desktop benefits

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure adds incredible value to Azure Virtual Desktop through advanced power management, application and user environment management, and hybrid capabilities.

Application and User Environment Management

Simplify application management while reducing cloud consumption costs with App Volumes while using Dynamic Environment Manager to add advanced user environment management capabilities.

Next-gen Hybrid DaaS Architecture

Horizon Cloud’s thin edge architecture significantly reduces monthly infrastructure costs while increasing scalability and manageability.

Hybrid Desktop Virtualization

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure lets you deliver the most cost-effective, cloud-based Windows 10 virtual desktops and applications in a hybrid environment with existing on-premises investments.

Security and Performance

Deliver high-performance virtual desktops and applications with intrinsic security that leverages VMware Horizon Cloud and Carbon Black, while ensuring a great user experience with VMware SD-WAN.

How Desktop-as-a-Service Supports Scaling and Security

It’s time to consider Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS for your distributed workforce. Read the CMSWire article to learn more about DaaS, how it differs from traditional VDI, and how DaaS is helping companies scale their remote capacity while addressing the security challenges of supporting remote and hybrid employees.

Benefits of Horizon Cloud

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Architecture

Horizon Cloud provides a multi-tenant, cloud-scale architecture that enables you to choose where virtual desktops and apps reside – on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Flexible Licensing

Horizon subscription lets you purchase exactly what you need, from the low-cost Horizon Apps Standard to the all-in-one Horizon Universal, we've got you covered.

Simplified Management

Reduce demand on IT staff by using a consistent management interface that unifies and simplifies management tasks for all Horizon environments.

Horizon + Azure Virtual Desktop

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is the only way to deliver the economics of multi-session Windows 10 with all the features of VMware Horizon.

Empower the Hybrid Workforce

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Frequently Asked Questions

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is a DaaS platform that can be deployed into a customer's existing Microsoft Azure tenant. The service makes it easy and cost-effective to deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to any device, anytime.

Microsoft and VMware have partnered to extend the capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop to Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Customers can leverage the cost-saving and management benefits of VMware Horizon with the economoics of Azure Virtual Desktop, like Windows 10 Enteprise multi-session.

Horizon Cloud desktops can be deployed in any Azure region. Horizon Control Plane instances are deployed in strategic Azure regions around the world. See for more information. Additional regions are added based on customer demand.

Customers purchase a Horizon subscription which allows deployment on any supported platform. This includes Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure as well as VMware Horizon 8, which can be delivered on-premises, in Dell/EMC Cloud, Google Cloud VMware Engine, VMC on AWS, or Azure VMware Solution.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore how Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure helps you embrace the future of remote work and Desktops-as-a-Service?