Engage Employee Mobile Productivity

Workspace ONE Boxer enables flexibility to employees with a single app for Email, Calendar, Contacts and Files on their mobile device while adhering to your company’s security policies and infrastructure. Boxer handles a number of different authentication methods and security policies including unique requirements from industries around the world.

Admin Efficiency

Workspace ONE Boxer enables admins to easily deploy secure email to thousands of employees that is specifically configured to their company’s security requirements.

Best in the Business Security

Boxer embeds enterprise level security by allowing admins to handle any combination of different authentication methods and security polices including unique requirements from industries around the world.


Workspace ONE Boxer allows end user freedom through intuitive customization while not compromising on security or the spectrum of features.

Employee Experience

Workspace ONE Boxer is designed extensively for a seamless user experience. Users are empowered to be productive with unique features enabling them to be more efficient and productive on the go. 

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Workspace ONE Boxer Datasheet

Learn the key capabilities of Workspace ONE Boxer, including how organizations can enable employees to be productively quickly and securely from any location.

NIAP ReCertification

Workspace ONE Boxer has been recertified for the Common Criteria certification from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

Enterprise Content Integration

Access the repositories set up in Workspace ONE Content inside of Boxer for seamless collaboration in your company’s cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workspace ONE Boxer is a modern mobile email, calendar, contacts and files app for iOS and Android devices that securely connects your enterprise email server to your end users while enforcing data loss prevention policies and company specific security features.

Organizations must be existing Workspace ONE customers with the Workspace ONE UEM Console in order to configure and deploy Workspace ONE Boxer. In addition to management, a supported Email Server such as Office 365, Exchange 2013+ , HCL Notes, or G Suite.


Yes, Boxer supports multiple managed accounts, shared, delegated and personal accounts such as (Gmail, Yahoo, etc). These are all configurable and able to be restricted to just work accounts.

Yes, Enterprise Content is a feature of Workspace ONE Boxer that comes from the Workspace ONE Content application that pulls the repositories set up in Workspace ONE Content for easy viewing, saving and sending of files in a company’s cloud repositories.

Ready to Get Started?

Workspace ONE Boxer brings Email, Calendars, Files and Contacts – the collaboration backbone of your company securely to your anywhere workforce.