Why Manufacturers Choose VMware

Advance Digital Operations

Meet customer expectations in a digital-first world. Bring products and services to market faster and provide seamless access to the apps and data people need anytime, anywhere. 

Enable Remote-First Work

Foster productivity across any environment. Empower employees in the factory, field or home office with remote access to apps and services that typically require a fixed workstation.

Boost Engagement

Modernize application architecture and software development practices. Build and iterate user-centered products and services that deepen consumer engagement across the buying cycle.

Keep Data and IP Secure

Leverage infrastructure and applications as security controls and gain consistent security across diverse environments using a single platform that scales with modern IT.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Delight Consumers Across the Product Lifecycle

Expand digital capabilities, features, and services with VMware modern app solutions. Align software development to evolving user requirements and transform customer experience and engagement across touchpoints, channels, and platforms.

Support Remote Employee Autonomy

Empower all employees with dynamic workspaces not bounded by physical locations or devices. Provide seamless, secure access to corporate apps, data and services, and incorporate AI, RPA and edge infrastructure to enhance efficiency among workforces.

Respond to Changing Business Needs at Speed and Scale

Respond to changing customer needs with modular, multi-cloud IT infrastructure. Support future evolution and business resiliency with a composable software stack that seamlessly scales across any cloud, any device, and any app. 

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Nol-Tec Systems Improves Customer, IT and Employee Experiences

With VMware Cloud Foundation, virtual desktop and digital workspace technologies in place, Nol-Tec reduced IT complexity and risk, empowered a remote workforce, and greatly improved employee and customer experience.

More Manufacturing Solutions

Increase Top-Line Growth with Modern IT

Modernize and automate IT systems. Cut costs, create new business models, and drive top-line growth through a consistent digital foundation for manufacturing.

Defend Against Emerging Threats and Minimize Risk

Operationalize Zero Trust across the entire distributed IT environment and proactively detect and defend against emerging threats with VMware intrinsic security solutions.

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