Business Continuity

When critical applications grind to a halt, business does too. Business continuity solutions have traditionally been too expensive and hard to manage, putting them out of reach for smaller companies. Not anymore. VMware delivers solutions that make business continuity simple, affordable and accessible so no company has to do without being protected.

Keep Your Critical Applications Up and Running

VMware delivers dependable business continuity solutions to protect all of your virtualized applications from the impact of downtime. When an operating system or server failure occurs, affected workloads are instantly restarted on intact servers with no human intervention. You can also opt for VMware fault tolerance to eliminate data loss and minimize disruption due to a server failure. Should an entire site ever go down, replicated virtual machines can automatically be restarted at a failover location.

VMware eliminates planned downtime too: when a server or storage hardware needs maintenance, running virtual machines can be moved to other servers with no disruption to users or operations.

Only with VMware

  • One click to high availability – Turn on business continuity with a single checkbox and without shared storage hardware. No specialized expertise is required.
  • Disaster-recovery assurance – Set up an automated multi-site recovery plan in minutes and test it—without impacting operations—to be sure it will work when you need it.
  • Rock-solid reliability – From the military to Wall Street to the smallest startups, VMware delivers solutions the world relies on for continuous, failure-free operation.

Maximize IT Uptime with Virtualization

The more you virtualize, the higher your availability, the better your security, and the faster your outage recovery time.

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Products for Business Continuity

VMware vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits

Scalable server consolidation, automated business continuity, and centralized management for all your applications.

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

An all-in-one solution enabling small IT environments to consolidate workloads, achieve business continuity and simplify management.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Market-leading disaster recovery product that provides the simplest and most reliable automated disaster protection for all virtualized applications across multiple sites.

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced

Protect your IT environment and simplify backup and recovery of your data and systems with vSphere Data Protection Advanced. Simplify recovery of entire systems—including OS, applications and data—within your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

VMware Virtual SAN

Delivers a new simple and high performance software-defined storage tier to provision and manage storage while dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

Featured Case Studies

Myron Steves

With VMware virtualization, Myron Steves cuts disaster recovery times and costs in the face of Hurricane Ike.

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Acorda Therapeutics

Learn how Acorda Therapeutics successfully implemented a strategic disaster recovery capability to protect its highly virtualized IT operations and data.

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Green Mountain Power

Vermont-based utility company virtualizes Oracle applications, including databases, and keeps their virtual environment up and running through Hurricane Irene with help from VMware and NetApp.