Is Your Network Ready for Applications, Automation, Multi-cloud, Containers and More?

Software-defined networking (SDN) has evolved to a model where software takes the lead in solving the next generation of datacenter needs. Legacy networks aren't designed to keep up with increasingly distributed applications and data running in the branch, cloud, and at the edge. A new networking approach is needed: one with cloud-like agility, delivering connectivity and security that is programmable, automated, platform-agnostic and scalable. That network is software, and that software is VMware NSX.

Navigating Network Transformation

Learn how you can succeed in the evolving digital transformation impacting networking.


The Evolution of SDN

Learn how SDN has grown to solve automation, security, and multi-cloud networking business classes.

Software-Defined Networking for Dummies

Learn how the SDN allows infrastructure to become more efficient and secure.


NSX Data Center vs. Cisco ACI

Learn how VMware’s infrastructure design principles creates a manageable and scalable solution.

Software-First Networking Transforms Your Business


Network virtualization solutions take SDN to a new level by delivering networking and security entirely in software, abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure and agnostic to any underlay network. VMware NSX lends itself perfectly to a software-first strategy and achieving the reality of a multi-cloud network. It provides pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for your apps and data, wherever they are.


Proven Technology - Proven Solutions


VMware NSX Data Center is connecting and protecting many of the world's most demanding next-generation infrastructures for leading cloud providers, global financial institutions, government agencies, higher education, healthcare providers and more.

NSX Data Center delivers:

  • Software networking and security for over 80% of the Fortune 100
  • Average 70% reduction in perimeter firewalls
  • Over 60% OpEx savings via network automation
  • Over 65% OpEx savings in monitoring and troubleshooting networks
  • Up to 75% savings in perimeter operating expenses
    (DICE Data representing 50 enterprise customers)



Modernize Your Network with VMware and Cisco ACI