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Hybrid work has evolved from a temporary strategy to a long-term approach that helps companies stay flexible and resilient amid changing conditions.
The VMware Anywhere Workspace solution for Chrome OS allows companies to equip employees with secure, affordable devices. Access to desktops and apps for hybrid work gives IT a smart, simple way to transition to cloud-native modern management.

Easy Access for Everyone

Connect workers securely across a broad range of use cases that would traditionally require expensive Windows machines, so you can better serve the needs of a distributed workforce including temporary workers, frontline workers, and more.

Security by Design

Together with the stateless operating system from Chrome OS, Anywhere Workspace for Chromebooks delivers security at every layer—across devices, users, networks, and clouds.

Built and designed from the ground up, this joint solution provides broad, effective protection that follows people and data wherever they go. 

Better Employee Experiences

Put employees first by pairing simple, powerful devices with consistent, secure access to create exceptional employee experiences.

With a simple user experience, fast boot up times, and single-sign on access, the solution supports seamless productivity. And with zero-touch enrollment, IT can create better, faster onboarding experiences without manual configuration. 

VMware Anywhere Workspace Products

Workspace ONE for Chrome OS

Secure Chromebooks alongside other devices with a scalable UEM platform

Workspace ONE

Digital workspace platform that enables zero trust


Secure and reliable access to apps for the anywhere workforce


Secure Virtual desktop (VDI) and app platform

Workspace ONE UEM

Multi-platform endpoint and app management

VMware Carbon Black

Intelligent endpoint and workload protection

Joint Benefits

Accelerate Onboarding

Provide fast, seamless remote onboarding with devices that are ready to go, out of the box. And with zero-touch enrollment, you can drop ship devices to employees—no manual IT intervention required. 

Zero Downtime with Zero Trust

Converge networking and security to enable reliable, secure, and efficient access for users located anywhere. Secure apps on any cloud while guarding against internal and external threats. 

Prioritize Employee Productivity

Give employees quick, easy access to all types of apps—including Chrome and Windows apps and cloud, web, and virtual apps. Ensure consistent app performance and uptime to support uninterrupted productivity. 

Meet Needs Across Use Cases

Quickly and affordably address a variety of use cases, including devices for temporary workers and contractors, loaner devices, shared devices, frontline devices, kiosk mode, and more. 


Strengthen protections with built-in security features including stateless OS, virus protection, sandboxing, and verified boot. 

Optimize Management

Streamline and modernize management to achieve massive savings. Eliminate highly manual, time consuming, and costly approaches to managing devices and end users. 

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