Simplify Cloud Workload Security at Scale

The rapidly expanding attack surface requires organizations to shift from reacting to threats to proactively anticipating and managing risks. Security, IT and DevOps teams need shared, real-time visibility into cloud workloads and containers, and focus on risk-prioritized vulnerabilities. Leverage your infrastructure and applications as your security controls and consolidate security into a unified platform that scales with modern IT.
Remove Operational Impediments

Remove Operational Impediments

Take advantage of agentless operations and enable security with a single click. Spend less effort operationalizing security and get more value from your IT environment.

Gain consistent security across diverse environments with a single platform that helps reduce potential blind spots and improve hardening to counter future threats.

Adapt with Intelligence

Focus on High Impact Actions with Confidence

Close security gaps faster by automatically detecting misconfigurations and prioritizing vulnerabilities based on real-world risk. Prevent threats against workloads and containers with an open threat intelligence architecture.

Understand the intricacies and dependencies within your software stack and be more surgical in response to threats while balancing business resilience.

Initiate Action Guided by Awareness

Break Down Siloes to Reduce Risk Faster

Reduce your attack surface and risk by enabling security, IT and DevOps teams to respond to incidents with the right context. Shared, real-time data means traditionally siloed teams can now work as one.

Achieve higher fidelity alerts with automated risk and response analysis, resulting in faster, more targeted actions. 

VMware Products for Cloud Workload Security

Eliminate trade-offs between business velocity, security and operational performance with simplified workload protection that scales with modern IT.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload

Advanced security purpose-built for workloads

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Container

Full lifecycle container security at the speed of DevOps

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