Reduce IT Costs and Increase Control with Server Virtualization

Eliminate over-provisioning, increase server utilization and limit the environmental impact of IT by consolidating your server hardware with VMware vSphere with Operations Management*, VMware's virtualization platform.

Server consolidation lets your organization:

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50 percent and energy costs by as much as 80 percent, saving more than $3,000 per year for each virtualized server workload.
  • Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers by as much as 70 percent. 
  • Decrease downtime and improve reliability with business continuity and built-in disaster recovery. 
  • Deliver IT services on demand, independent of hardware, operating systems, applications or infrastructure providers. 

*End of Availability of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus is February 1, 2019


Reduce Server Costs with Desktop and Server Virtualization

By consolidating your server hardware with vSphere with Operations Management, your organization can increase existing hardware utilization from as low as 5 percent to as much as 80 percent. You can also reduce energy consumption by decreasing the number of servers in your data center. VMware server virtualization can reduce hardware requirements by a 15:1 ratio, enabling you to lessen the environmental impact of your organization's IT without sacrificing reliability or service levels. Server and desktop hardware consolidation can also help you achieve a 20 to 30 percent lower cost per application, as well as defer data center construction costs by $1,000 per square foot. vSphere with Operations Management allows for a 50 to 70 percent higher virtual machine density per host than commodity offerings.


Centralize Management of Your Virtual Data Center

Unlike vendors that only offer single-point solutions for server virtualization, VMware lets you manage an entire virtual data center from a single point of control. With vSphere with Operations Management, you can monitor health, manage resources, and plan for the data center growth all from a unified dashboard.


Automate the Virtual Data Center

An automated virtual data center can simplify management while simultaneously delivering performance, scalability and availability levels that are impossible with physical infrastructure. The vSphere with Operations Management platform enables your organization to minimize downtime, enable dynamic, policy-based allocation of IT resources and eliminate repetitive configuration and maintenance tasks.


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Eliminate Over-Provisioning


Increase Server Utilization

Get more out of your existing hardware by consolidating x86 servers with VMware vSphere. In the traditional "one workload, one box" approach to server provisioning, most servers operate at just 5 to 15 percent of their total load capacity, which results in over-provisioning and under-utilization. You can decrease server sprawl and increase utilization by converting your x86 servers into virtual machines that run independently from the underlying hardware.

Each virtual machine represents a complete system that can run Windows, Linux, Solaris and NetWare operating systems and software applications; many virtual machines can run independently on the same physical server at the same time. Running multiple workloads on highly configured x86 servers allows you to increase the utilization of your server hardware from 10 to 15 percent to as much as 80 percent.

Download the free VMware vCenter Converter utility to convert physical machines to virtual machines as well as to convert virtual machine formats. 


Reduce Hardware Requirements

Using VMware vSphere with Operations Management*, your organization can reduce the IT hardware in your data center. Each host server running vSphere can support more than 1024 virtual machines. Many organizations run as many as 15 applications on a single piece of hardware, reducing their hardware requirements by a 15:1 ratio.


Cut Hardware and Operating Costs with Server Consolidation

Consolidating your hardware means that you need fewer servers in your data center, which means you will spend less on hardware and maintenance and less on energy for power and cooling. VMware virtualization can help your organization save more than $3,000 annually for each server you virtualize.

You can also shift IT resources and budgets away from tactical maintenance to strategic projects. VMware vSphere with Operations Management*, automates and simplifies tedious day-to-day tasks like provisioning, hardware maintenance and performance management.  This reduces the cost and complexity of managing IT in your data center.

*End of Availability of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus is February 1, 2019

Managing the Virtual Infrastructure

VMware gives you the tools to manage and monitor your entire virtual infrastructure from a central location, reduce new server provisioning time and allocate shared IT resources with greater flexibility. VMware works closely with industry-standards organizations and technology partners to ensure seamless interoperability through open interfaces and standards-based technologies.


Unified Management

With VMware vSphere with Operations Management*, you can manage all your heterogeneous x86-based operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Netware, by placing them on a single virtual hardware platform. Monitor and analyze virtual machines, resource pools, server utilization and availability with detailed performance graphs. Define the performance metrics that are important to you at the specific levels you need and view them in real time or across a specified time interval.


Accelerate Provisioning Time

With vSphere with Operations Management, you can create templates for your virtual machines, thus eliminating repetitive installation and configuration tasks when provisioning new server workloads. When coupled with the hardware independence of virtualization, you can reduce the time it takes to deploy new IT services by 50 to 70 percent. Virtual machine templates also make it easier to enforce corporate standards for anti-virus and management software.

*End of Availability of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus is February 1, 2019

Automate IT to Maximize Efficiency in Your Data Center

With VMware vSphere with Operations Management*, you can deliver on demand IT resources wherever and whenever they are needed. This allows you to dynamically allocate and balance computing capacity and virtual machine placement across the data center.

You can transform your IT infrastructure into a responsive, self-optimizing data center with vSphere's built-in capabilities for resource optimization, application availability and operational automation. vSphere with Operations Management supports IT
environments of any size and is not tied to any operating system, giving you a bias-free choice of operating system and software applications.


Enable Live Virtual Machine Migration

vMotion, part of vSphere, enables you to migrate virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability and complete transaction integrity. Live virtual machine migration allows you to perform hardware maintenance without scheduling downtime or disrupting business operations.


Deliver Mission-Critical Services On Demand

Balance computing capacity across the resource pools in your virtual infrastructure. vSphere DRS continuously monitors storage, CPU and RAM utilization, automatically reallocating available resources based on pre-defined policies that reflect your organization's business needs and priorities. The end result is a data center that can run at more than 80 percent utilization while maintaining guaranteed service levels for all applications. VMware delivers much better ROI on x86 server investments with minimal capacity planning.

*End of Availability of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus is February 1, 2019

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