How the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture Enables Digital Business Transformation

To help your IT organization drive your enterprise’s digital agenda, the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ provides an easy way to run, manage, connect, and secure apps across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. This means you have the freedom to innovate across clouds.



The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

See how VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture helps you avoid cloud silos, giving you both freedom and control in IT infrastructure.

Learn how the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture provides freedom and control

Clouds can bring challenges as well as speed and flexibility. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ helps you meet them.

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Overcoming Cloud Challenges

There are many cloud options available to you—private cloud, a wide range of service provider choices, and large public clouds—but to fully capitalize on them without adding cost and complexity requires overcoming key cloud challenges. The VMware Cross-Cloud™ Architecture makes cloud choice possible.


Challenge: Connection & Security Across Clouds

As you add more cloud services and providers, incompatibility between them creates new silos and new challenges. You find your organization has separate teams and skill sets, different management tools, and different operating processes. To enable your business to embrace opportunities faster, IT must avoid cloud silos and unify multiple clouds. VMware addresses this challenge by applying network virtualization technology to public clouds. We connect public clouds and services securely so you can use them fearlessly.

Extend data center networking and security to the cloud by preserving on-premises network rules and deploying secure network architectures that span multiple clouds with NSX.

Challenge: Managing Across Clouds

You want to manage resources in different clouds, but you can’t manage what you can’t see. By providing a common operating environment, VMware solutions give you the visibility and tools to see and manage resources, workloads, and operations across clouds. Our approach helps you avoid cloud vendor lock-in, monitor operations, and manage to specific service-level agreements (SLAs). As a result, you gain holistic management while empowering your lines of business to use public clouds securely.

Unify and automate processes with VMware vRealize Suite, which delivers a comprehensive enterprise-ready cloud management platform (CMP) that speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT operations, and delivers end-user choice with control, across heterogeneous, multi-cloud environments.

VMware Cloud Foundation

The new VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture gives customers cloud freedom and control. It extends VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy, enabling customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. As the most complete and capable hybrid cloud architecture, the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture empowers consistent deployment models, security policies, visibility, and governance for all applications, running on premises and off, regardless of the underlying cloud or hypervisor. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture is enabled by two new offerings: VMware Cloud Foundation and a set of Cross-Cloud Services VMware is developing. The VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform and VMware NSX are also key components of the Cross-Cloud Architecture.


Use VMware Cloud Foundation for all your clouds.


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When you combine a best-in-class public cloud with a best-in-class private cloud, all enabled by VMware, you have the strongest, most flexible cloud strategy to empower digital business transformation—powered by solutions that reduce complexity and cost while increasing responsiveness.


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VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture in Action

See how business and IT are implementing the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ to deliver apps efficiently.