Disaster Recovery Solutions


Protect any Workload with Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions

In a world where disaster events, including ransomware, are dramatically increasing, you need to protect your data and minimize downtime.

VMware delivers a comprehensive portfolio of disaster recovery (DR) solutions that let you balance the speed and cost of recovery with the criticality of your data.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Solutions with VMware



Lower Business Risk

Disasters, including ransomware, are happening more frequently than ever. Ensure your applications can continue to run even when disaster strikes.



Optimize Investments

Select the DR solution that best suits the criticality of your applications, RTO and RPO requirements, and the ability to leverage cloud economics.



Simplify Operations

Create and manage recovery plans for all your VMs with automated DR orchestration, and a consistent VMware environment across production and DR sites.

Choose a Disaster Recovery Solution That Ensures Business Continuity 

Choose a Disaster Recovery Solution That Ensures Business Continuity

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Discover how you can reduce costs and get on-demand disaster recovery in the cloud.

Data Sheet: VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery 

Recover Fast and Minimize Downtime

Increase disaster recovery reliability with reliable RTOs and low RPOs.

Solution Brief: VMware Site Recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS 

Protect Your Most Sensitive Workloads

Enable predictable disaster recovery and learn how to seamlessly failover to a secondary physical site.

Video: Introduction to Site Recovery Manager 

VMware Products to Help You Recover from Disasters



VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Get on-demand, easy-to-use disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for your vSphere workloads. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery combines cost-effective cloud storage with SaaS-based management for IT resiliency at scale and a pay as-you-need capacity model for VMware Cloud on AWS failover capacity.



VMware Site Recovery

Protect your mission critical IT services with hot disaster recovery as-a-service (DRaaS) for VMware Cloud on AWS. Get very low RPO and RTO and all the benefits of vSphere Replication and SRM, including non-disruptive testing and reporting, without the need to maintain a secondary data center.



Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Automate and orchestrate the failover process to a secondary physical site when your main site fails. SRM recovery plans enable you to decide the sequence in which VMs power up. SRM supports non-disruptive testing and detailed reporting to meet DR compliance requirements.

Market Leaders Choose VMware

On-Demand DRaaS That Works Regardless of Complexity

“With VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, VMware users finally have a true DR option that works automatically and on-demand, regardless of the complexity of their environment.”

- Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG

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Eliminating Manual Processes with Automated DR

“Having the agility to provision IT services quickly, automation of data synchronization between DC and DR through a software-defined datacenter is crucial.”

- Abhijit Shah, Chief Technology Officer, DCB Bank Limited

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Streamlining the Cloud Journey with Robust BCP-DR

““…Site Recovery Manager has drastically improved our disaster-recovery planning by reducing the recovery time objective from 2.5 hours to just about 30 minutes for our mission critical workloads.”

- V Sendil Kumar, Vice President – IT, Shriram Value Services

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Frequently Asked Questions about Disaster Recovery Solutions

Which VMware solution is best for my DR needs?

VMware provides several solutions to meet your DR needs. You can pick the one that best matches the criticality, RTO, and RPO requirements for each of your applications and workloads, as well as meets your organizational policies.

·       Site Recovery Manager is a powerful solution for organizations who want to utilize a secondary datacenter as their DR site.

·       VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery offers on-demand DRaaS to protect a broad set of IT services in a cost-efficient manner, with fast recovery capabilities.

·       VMware Site Recovery delivers hot DRaaS for mission critical IT services that require very low RPO and RTO and all the benefits of vSphere Replication and SRM.


Why are organizations increasingly choosing disaster recovery-as-a- Service (DRaaS)?

DRaaS addresses the most common challenges of DR - complex, high cost, and unreliable – without the need to manage and maintain your own DR site. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is our newest DR solution for this. It utilizes cost-efficient cloud storage, offers easy to use SaaS-based management, includes continuous DR health check and audit reports, and provides customers a pay-as-you-need capacity model. 

What if my organization is not able to adopt DRaaS?

Some organizations may not want to or be able to adopt DRaaS for multiple reasons, including compliance or internal policies, or a need to use a specific storage or replication technology not supported by the DRaaS solution. In these cases, we offers Site Recovery Manager, which is deployed in production in thousands of environments.

Can I use multiple VMware DR solutions concurrently?

Yes, you can use multiple DR solutions to protect all of your workloads. Each can be used to protect a different set of your IT applications.

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