The Journey of Cable Cloud Transformation



Reduce CAPEX and OPEX for all facility-related costs. Increase agility with hybrid virtual machine–based and container-based infrastructure.

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Increase service velocity and operational efficiency with unified orchestration, automation and operations for multi-service and multi-cloud environments.

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Accelerate innovation and monetize new services with 10G speed and 5G experiences. Expand new markets in wireless and business services with lower costs.

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SCTE·ISBE Cable-Tec Expo

VMware is proud to be one of the key sponsors for the Cable-Tec Expo 2020, where the cable industry’s leading experts discuss new technologies, innovations and the future of cable. Please join us and contact your VMware representative to schedule a virtual tour.

We are honored to join our cable technical community. We’ll be presenting in these two workshops as part of the Fall Technical Forum:

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VMware’s Cable Cloud Solutions 

VMware’s cable cloud solutions enable you to transform your network and unify operations across any network, in any cloud, for any application running on any device. Expedite innovation cycles, reduce operational complexities and generate cost savings. Accelerate your cable transformation journey to next-generation clouds.


VMware’s cable cloud solutions provide cloud infrastructure, cloud automation and cloud operations on a consistent platform that extends from the core to the edge to multi-cloud environments. Using a cloud-first approach, these solutions deliver a new level of operational agility.

In addition, explore our VMware Ready certification programs and VMware Marketplace for reference architectures, pre-integrated and certified solutions that reduce integration efforts and risks.

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Future Ready Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure is a consistent and horizontal hybrid infrastructure that runs any application across any network, in any cloud.

It modernizes your cloud with consistent infrastructure and delivers consistent deployment of your virtualized and cloud-native network functions—regardless of where you deploy them. Simplify your architecture, reduce silos, optimize your network resources to scale, and accelerate your path to 10G and distributed access architecture (DAA).


Unified Orchestration and Automation

VMware Telco Cloud Automation delivers multi-layer automation for consistent operations across any network, including cable and radio access network (RAN) environments.

It provides the scalability, repeatability, velocity and operational efficiency needed to serve remote-edge sites. Deploy, redeploy, and upgrade new services, as well as add, remove, and reallocate capacities and capabilities for specific service groups in a reliable and automated fashion.


Intelligent Operations Insights and Automation

VMware Telco Cloud Operations is a real-time assurance solution designed to simplify your network operations through holistic monitoring and performance management.

It provides comprehensive visibility and automation so you can proactively avoid problems and increases agility to meet your business objectives. Simplify the monitoring and management of your complex network with integrated performance analytics based on machine learning and automated fault analysis.

VMware Telco Cloud Operations reach spans across multiple layers of the network, correlating the virtual services with the underlying infrastructure, breaking down the barriers between the virtual and physical worlds.