Enhance the Security, Flexibility of Your K-12 and Library Networks

What is VMware NSX?

VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform. It is an ideal solution for schools, school districts and libraries because it supports the highest levels of network security, including Zero-Trust networks, helping you maintain the privacy of student data. And not only does it save money by reducing your reliance on expensive networking hardware, VMware NSX is now E-rate eligible, so it can be easier for school districts and libraries to acquire.

What is E-rate?

It’s officially known as the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund and is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company under the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. E-rate provides funding to develop and maintain broadband connectivity. VMware NSX qualifies under Category 2 of the E-rate program, which covers products and services that help schools and libraries deliver internet access to students and staff. This includes internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections and managed internal broadband services.

E-rate Puts VMware NSX in Easy Reach

VMware NSX already helps save money by reducing your reliance on expensive networking hardware. And now that it is E-rate approved, it can be easier for school districts and libraries to acquire. The sooner you implement VMware NSX, the sooner you can benefit from:


  • Micro-segmentation: Why just protect the perimeter of your network when today’s threats may be inside your network? VMware NSX-enabled micro-segmentation allows you to develop true Zero-Trust networks to better protect sensitive student and school data.
  • No Hardware Lock In: Because it’s software based, VMware NSX lets you design, deploy and modify your networks based on your school district’s current and future needs, rather than basing them on hardware ROI or depreciation cycles.
  • True Compatibility: VMware NSX fits right in with your current applications and workloads and your existing network infrastructure. It adapts to your environment, rather than forcing you to adapt to it.


In the Eligible Services List for E-rate Funding Year 2016, the FCC determined that network solutions that virtualize eligible routing, switching, controller, and firewall functionalities are eligible for E-rate support. Based on this determination and the technical functionality of NSX, VMware has concluded that NSX should be 100% eligible for E-rate funding. Final cost allocations can be impacted by applicant-specific factors including where the product is installed, how and by whom it is used, and other E-rate program requirements.


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Customer Case Study

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