Why Primary and Secondary (K-12) Schools Choose VMware

Lower Risk

Safeguard against dynamic threats and ensure the safety of all digitally collected and distributed student and faculty information.

Transform Security Posture

Rethink traditional threat-centric approaches to security with an intrinsic model that operationalizes Zero Trust through infrastructure, user, and application intelligence.

Reduce Security Complexity

Consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities into an advanced security solution that automates policy enforcement across heterogenous apps and infrastructure.

Streamline Compliance and Auditing

Simplify auditing by consolidating systems and automating detection and response to vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and change activity across on-prem and cloud environments.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Mitigate Risk from the Data Center to Endpoints

Leverage virtual infrastructure with built-in protection of endpoints, workloads, clouds, networks and workspaces for greater visibility, control, and response over threats, abnormalities and noncompliance.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Deploy a policy-driven, software-defined security architecture to centralize, automate, and streamline compliance and policy oversight across users, apps, clouds and endpoints.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Applying Lessons Learned to Defend Against Attacks

ESC Region 11 provides educational program management to more than 70,000 educators and 578,000 students in Texas. Following a cyberattack, ESC upgraded data center and network infrastructure to fortify threat detection, prevention and response.

More Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education Solutions

Accelerate Digital Learning

Boost student and teacher engagement, instruction and learning with VMware digital infrastructure. Support modern blended learning environments while protecting data and privacy.

Empower Students with Exceptional Digital Experiences

Enable distributed learning experiences—distance, online, classroom and mobile—with access to any app, on any device, anywhere. Adapt quickly to changing needs and engage students anywhere.

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