NSX Helps Transform Security for Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools rely on NSX to manage the growing demands for secure, reliable services for district teachers and students.

Leverage Micro-Segmentation to Build a Zero Trust Network

Forrester Research report addresses new security vulnerabilities and why Zero Trust security is critical.

eGuide Education: Beyond Perimeter Security

Traditional security isn’t enough in this new era of cyber threats. Learn how to secure your education network from the inside out.


Worry-Free Digital Learning Through Zero Trust

NSX confronts lateral threats with Zero Trust security; all traffic is considered untrusted until policy proves otherwise. A user or connection authorized for one connection can’t automatically access another just because they’ve breached perimeter defenses. As your networks stretch to support everything from student mobility to the Internet of Things, only this Zero Trust approach can ensure student learning and information stays protected and productive.


  • Get tightly woven data center security. NSX seamlessly integrates with the third-party applications you already trust, minimizing support costs and disruption as you build out deep, dependable security
  • Don’t rip and replace – leverage existing hardware. Built on software-defined networking, NSX virtualizes critical security tools, allowing you to build, adapt, and manage granular security on top of existing hardware investments.
  • NSX is now eligible for E-rate funding. By integrating security into the virtualization layer of the data center, NSX delivers tighter security for less budget. And, for K-12 districts and schools, E-rate funding can make NSX an even smarter buy.

Safeguard Your K-12 Data and Learning Systems Through Zero Trust

As technology moves education beyond the traditional boundaries of classrooms and school districts, securing this new digital learning ecosystem is top priority for administrators and technologists. However, many networks and data centers are still protected by traditional security paradigms that are no match for today’s advanced threats. And, a single incident can be devastating to a school and school district’s reputation.


NSX secures the data center from the inside out through micro-segmentation, delivering robust, compartmentalized workload-specific security. While perimeter defenses focus mostly on intrusion, micro-segmentation protects against lateral threats, the ability of viruses or hackers to move undetected between critical connections, applications, and databases.

Protect What Matters Most

If your perimeter defenses fail, will you know? It takes organizations an average of 205 days to detect a threat inside the data center, and almost 69 percent of breaches are first detected by a third party running a service inside the network. That’s why lateral threats are so pernicious and growing in variety and volume – they’re a better way to get at your information and infrastructure. Source: Mandiant M-Trends® 2015 Report

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