Accelerate Software Delivery

Transform Federal Customer Experience

Build and iterate the next generation of applications and services to meet demand for modern, efficient and prompt service delivery.

Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Adopt automation and DevSecOps practices throughout the application lifecycle to deliver more secure software at a rapid pace.

Enable Cultural Change for Maximum Impact

Empower the workforce with the culture and competencies necessary for meaningful transformation and sustained DevSecOps success.

Address Critical Use Cases

Modernize Legacy Applications at Scale

Modernize decades of complex legacy systems to take advantage of cloud native architecture and new delivery practices. Boost developer velocity, encourage rapid iteration, and deploy microservices via continuous delivery to improve the performance of applications and services.

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Drive DevSecOps Transformation

Help operations teams learn modern platform engineering skills. Increase developer velocity and innovation. Streamline and secure the path to production for continuous mission delivery. Leverage both new and existing IT investments to operate highly available, secure and performant applications at all times.

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Quickly Deliver Apps and Public Services

Build custom, cloud native apps and digital services that exceed demands for simple, seamless and consistent customer experiences. Develop valuable software and iterate continuously with a modular application platform that abstracts the complexity of Kubernetes and underlying infrastructure to accelerate innovation.

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Automate Cloud Native Operations

Don’t let existing application development and deployment processes constrain time to delivery. Simplify Kubernetes distribution management across clouds and teams with VMware. Leverage a consistent Kubernetes runtime and multi-cloud management hub to reduce DevSecOps complexity.

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