Zero Trust Is the Key to Modern Data Center Security

Micro-segmentation builds security into your agency data center’s DNA.

eGuide Government: Beyond Perimeter Security

Traditional security is no longer enough to shield valuable citizen and agency data. Learn how to secure your networks from the inside out.


Safeguard Critical Applications and Infrastructure

Technology is now central to transforming government, creating opportunities for better services, bigger efficiencies, and a lower operations cost. As agencies shift to software-defined infrastructure, VMware’s specialized portfolio of services for government is essential to moving productivity forward without compromising security, value, and IT simplicity.


Combined with the deep micro-segmentation NSX facilitates, Intel Security’s McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) helps secure diverse networks and workloads. While NSX provides the micro-segmentation that makes resources easier to manage and secure, McAfee vNSP automates security policy distribution to apply advanced threat discovery and signature-less inspection technologies to critical east-west traffic. It all adds up to tough zero trust security that’s easy to build and manage.

Protect What Matters Most

If your perimeter defenses fail, would you know? It took organizations an average of 205 days to detect lateral data center threats, and almost 70% of those breaches were detected by a third party running a service inside the network. * By exploiting aging, disparate defenses, these threats directly target high-profile applications and connections — and VMware and Intel Security can help, combining the very best in east-west intrusion detection with the deep dependability of micro-segmentation.


* Mandiant. M-Trends® 2015: A View From the Frontlines | Web

Securing Your Data Center’s Threat Detection

NSX confronts lateral threats with zero trust security - all traffic is considered untrusted until policy proves otherwise. A user or connection authorized for one connection can’t automatically access another just because they’ve breached perimeter defenses. As agency networks stretch to support everything from mobility workforce to the rapidly growing Internet of Things, only VMware simplicity and a zero trust approach to security can protect the important daily work of government.

Intel Security’s McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform automates this robust protection while also extending the data center’s threat-detection capabilities to the perimeter. Ultimately, this means the data center is now secured against east-west and north-south threat traffic.


  • Get tightly-woven data center security. NSX integrates seamlessly with the third-party applications and tools you already trust, minimizing support costs and disruption as you build out deep, dependable security.
  • Don’t rip and replace – leverage existing hardware. The integrated protection of McAfee vNSP and NSX virtualizes critical security tools, allowing you to build, adapt and manage granular security while leveraging existing hardware investments.
  • Twice the security, half the cost. By integrating security into the virtualization layer of the data center, NSX and McAfee vNSP deliver delivers tighter security for less budget, ideal for agencies tasked with improving security in the face of flat or declining budgets.

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