Modernize Healthcare Delivery

Drive New Care Models and Growth

Enable new care models with a flexible infrastructure that supports any application, any cloud and any device.

Boost Agility and Cyber Resiliency

Securely migrate patient-facing and caregiver applications to the cloud and modernize according to needs and requirements.

Improve Efficiency and Lower TCO

Centralize the management and delivery of healthcare apps and services to reduce IT complexity and lower costs.

Address Critical Use Cases

Modernize HIT to Improve Cost and Quality

Embrace a software-defined digital foundation to enable modular, flexible and future-ready HIT. Increase efficiency and minimize risk by eliminating non-strategic and redundant costs, reducing complexity and centralizing management.

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Bridge Infrastructure to Cloud

Accelerate your shift to cloud and leave outdated, rigid infrastructure behind with a digital foundation that improves the delivery economics of your EMR and other key care applications. Support new patient volumes and care sites efficiently while delivering a superior experience across any application.

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Adopt a Consistent Cloud Operating Model

Take a prescriptive approach to cloud management, driven by a single cloud operating model. Unify management across clouds and gain complete visibility into cost, performance and security configuration through one control plane.

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Enhance Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Services

Ensure optimal performance of devices, apps and streaming video resources to ensure frictionless experiences for clinicians, IT and patients. Provide advanced telehealth and remote healthcare monitoring services that improve timeliness, access to care and reach through digital channels.

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HIT Modernization by the Numbers

To understand how executives are preparing for the future, Forbes Insights surveyed more than 600 CIOs, including 100 healthcare CIOs across EMEA, APAC and North and South America.


believe a multi-cloud infrastructure can accelerate innovation and the adoption of other technologies


are using multi-cloud to improve security, enable fast scalability and develop modern applications


already use more than one cloud provider

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