Protect Patient Information and Brand Reputation

Strengthen Ransomware Defense

Find and evict threats in private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments with strong lateral security.

Build a Seamless Multi-Cloud Network

Deliver consistent policy, advanced threat prevention, and end-to-end visibility across clouds.

Implement Zero Trust Security

Implement an intrinsic, modular approach to Zero Trust security built directly into the virtualization layer.

Address Critical Use Cases

Enforce a Zero Trust Defense

Protect apps and data with a software-defined Layer 7 firewall purpose-built to secure multi-cloud traffic, enable consistent operations, and block advanced threats from moving laterally across healthcare networks.

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Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

Adopt a strong ransomware defense and recovery posture. Avoid a costly payout and unnecessary downtime with a purpose-built, cloud-based Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE).

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