Why Healthcare Payers Choose VMware

Provide Exceptional Member Experiences

Deliver a personalized and simplified benefits experience that enables members to access and manage health plan information, programs and communications from any device or platform.

Bring Value-Added Services to Market Faster

Leverage agile, cloud-native infrastructure and modern application services to deepen member engagement and bring new resources, programs, and tools to market faster.

Empower the Healthcare Payer Workforce

Enable the workforce across all job functions and locations—from call center agents to benefits coordinators to program advocates—with frictionless access to apps and data from anywhere.

Increase Partner and Customer Satisfaction

Streamline the enrollment, benefits, and claims experience for clinicians and employers, and deliver new capabilities that extend value and convenience to members and business partners.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Deliver Value-Based Payer Services

Leverage modern application architecture and cloud-native infrastructure to quickly bring to market apps and tools that improve member care options, simplify the benefits experience and deliver personalized programs at scale.

Maintain a World-Class Provider Network

Deliver best-in-class provider apps and self-service tools that streamline claims administration and empower physicians and health systems to make more informed, data-based decisions. 

Empower a Secure Distributed Payer Workforce

Improve employee productivity, efficiency, and response. VMware’s industry-first digital workspace architecture empowers teams to securely access electronic health records, PHI, and related systems from any device or location.

Improve Agility and Outcomes

Make the most of data and modern, multi-cloud infrastructure. Integrate AI/ML, IoT, analytics, and automation into IT environments to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and reach informed, data-driven decisions faster.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Developing a Modern Open Enrollment Platform

See how VMware Tanzu helps IT, security, and application teams work better together using modern processes and technologies to build and deliver a customer-centric approach to open enrollment.

More Healthcare Payer Solutions

Accelerate Digital Strategies with Modern IT

Accelerate digital transformation, improve member experiences, and boost agility and efficiency across the healthcare ecosystem with VMware IT solutions for healthcare payers.

Protect Healthcare Data and Member Trust

Safeguard sensitive data and systems by pivoting to a cybersecurity strategy that embeds security into IT infrastructure to deliver Zero Trust security at scale.

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