Why Healthcare Payers Choose VMware 

Opportunities for Greater Revenue

Adopt modern apps and multi-cloud infrastructure to speed delivery through IT standardization and automation. Provision test environments quickly and optimize workload placement and management. Harness the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics and IoMT.

Efficiency and Lower Costs

Take advantage of a common cloud infrastructure and application modernization platform that streamlines IT delivery across on-premises, cloud and edge environments. Unify previously disparate systems with consistent operations and usable insights that improve throughput and quality.

Increased Productivity

Boost every part of the healthcare value chain by bringing together people, systems and data for improved outcomes. Advance cooperation between teams using a digital platform that enables seamless and secure access anywhere to authorized users.

Strengthened Data Security

Lower organizational risk by strengthening security postures with a proactive, zero-trust approach to safeguarding data and applications across infrastructure and endpoints, wherever data travels and rests.

Use Cases

Modernize Healthcare Payer Data Centers

Effectively compete in a changing market with modern digital infrastructure that extends to multi-clouds. Automate and run IT as a service, freeing up valuable resources, when you leverage the VMware software-defined data center—hyperconverged infrastructure powered by common operations.


Scale and Drive Agility with Multi-Clouds

Handle surges and spikes, particularly during open enrollment periods, with a digital foundation that extends on-premises environments to multi-clouds. Improve agility with consistent operations and intrinsic security for safe and efficient data migration with VMware cloud and management solutions.


Speed Modern Application Delivery for New Services

Meet new application demands using an infrastructure that gives each app exactly what it needs with VMware container solutions. Deliver cloud-native application development environments across multiple clouds, powering the future of healthcare payer IT, with VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Tanzu 


Humana Is Scaling and Revolutionizing Healthcare


Spurred by a desire to help its more than 10 million insured members build healthier lives, the insurance company changed its traditional relationship with technology to put healthcare advice directly in members’ hands through interactive mobile applications.


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More Healthcare Payer Solutions 

Empower Employees and Members

Deliver better information for better outcomes. Empower payer workforces and provide exceptional member experiences with VMware digital solutions.

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Protect Healthcare Payer Brand and Data

Adopt a zero-trust security model with VMware to protect member health and financial data across distributed, yet connected systems and safely share sensitive information.

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