Why Healthcare Payers Choose VMware

Transform IT Operations

Standardize infrastructure and operations on one digital foundation that leverages automation across the entire IT environment to increase efficiency and minimize risk. 

Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Modernize traditional apps to improve organizational agility and response, and speed delivery of new cloud-native apps and services that increase member engagement and satisfaction.

Create Competitive Advantage

Increase value for members and partners. Bring new products, services, and digital opportunities to market faster with a modern application development and delivery platform.

Strengthen Data Security

Lower organizational risk by embedding Zero Trust security into every layer of the IT infrastructure. Reduce attack surfaces and better identify, prevent, detect and respond to threats.


Use Cases

Use Cases

Enable Modular, Flexible Payer IT

Effectively compete in a changing market with modern digital infrastructure that extends across hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments. Standardize operations on one digital foundation and evolve apps to meet new demands.

Drive Agility Across Clouds

Meet digital delivery demands, surges, and spikes and maintain uninterrupted access to data and apps with scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure that extends on-premises security and operations to cloud, mobile and edge environments. 

Speed Delivery of New Products and Services

Leverage modern application architecture to build and deploy products and services that personalize member experiences, deepen engagement, and increase the lifetime value of the payer relationship across the healthcare ecosystem.

Evolve Digital Business Models

Deliver more value and meet customer expectations for seamless access to information and services anytime, anywhere, on any device. Integrate data analytics, AI/ML and automation to streamline processes and improve outcomes.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

How Humana Scales and Revolutionizes Healthcare

How Humana Scales and Revolutionizes Healthcare

Spurred by a desire to help its members build healthier lives, the insurance company changed its traditional relationship with technology to put healthcare advice directly in members’ hands through interactive mobile applications.

More Healthcare Payer Solutions

Empower Members, Providers and Employees

Deepen member engagement and satisfaction, support a modern, distributed workforce and forge new partnerships that deliver added-value, services, and competitive advantage.

Protect Healthcare Data and Member Trust

Safeguard PHI and protect health and financial systems by pivoting to a cybersecurity strategy that leverages the IT infrastructure to operationalize Zero Trust security at scale.

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