Pivoting Rapidly to Address a New Virus

Moderna leverages software-defined infrastructure and modern application architecture to create a new genetic sequence and prototype in just days. 

Healthcare’s Highly Vulnerable Workforce

A Forrester Consulting study reveals healthcare’s vulnerable distributed workforce and how the success of digital care models depends on cyber defenses.

Trends Shaping Healthcare IT

As healthcare organizations battled COVID-19 on the frontlines, they saw the value of digital technologies. Discover the top IT trends reshaping healthcare IT.

Expanding Access to Data Science

U.S. start-up neurothink plans to expand access to the data science discipline, transforming AI computing resources for scientists, enterprises, students, and hobbyists.

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Modernize Research and Development

Transform and accelerate development of new treatments with modular, multi-cloud IT infrastructure that supports any application, any cloud and any device.

Empower Patients and an Anywhere Workforce

Transform clinical trials, drive digital patient engagement and support a distributed workforce and talent pool with modern apps and remote work solutions.

Protect Intellectual Property and PHI

Safeguard intellectual property and achieve regulatory compliance with a cybersecurity strategy that proactively detects vulnerabilities and leverages the IT infrastructure to deliver Zero-Trust security at scale.

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