Why Life Sciences Organizations Choose VMware

Enable Digital Patient Experiences

Adapt to changes in healthcare consumer behavior and an increased willingness to engage in digital therapeutics and clinical trials. Improve patient experience via modern applications. 

Advance Data Collection and Analysis

Accelerate drug discovery and development. Engage with patients via modern apps and wearables to track, collect, and analyze real-world evidence across distributed environments. 

Leverage Talent from Anywhere

Support a modern, distributed talent pool. Accelerate multi-cloud deployments and enable seamless access to critical apps and data across devices and platforms. 

Enhance Workforce Productivity

Support staff flexibility with remote access to healthcare systems, IP and PHI from any device or location. Integrate AI/ML to speed decision making and alleviate burnout.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Harness Modern Apps for Long-Term Value

Extend the long-term effectiveness of clinical trials, connect to new patient populations, and enable continual data collection and analysis across cloud and edge environments. 

Improve Outcomes with Real World Evidence

Leverage modern architecture to build cloud-native apps that continuously collect real-world evidence to enhance experiences, deepen engagement and affect outcomes across patient demographics. 

Support a Secure Distributed Workforce

Foster collaboration, productivity and efficiency from anywhere. Securely access data, PHI and critical enterprise apps from any device or location with industry-first digital workspace architecture.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Faster Processing Power and Decisions

At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, scientists use VMware digital infrastructure to process large amounts of medical data quickly, safely and easily, accelerating research and treatment decisions. 

More Life Sciences Solutions

Modernize Research and Development

Accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of new treatments with modular, multi-cloud IT infrastructure that supports any app and any cloud on any device.

Protect Intellectual Property and PHI

Ensure intellectual property and protected health information are safe from cyberattacks. Build consumer trust by securing sensitive data everywhere.

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