Why Life Sciences Organizations Choose VMware

Reduce Time to Market

Advance digital drug discovery and development with an integrated, multi-cloud software platform that operates across all types of apps and cloud environments.

Improve Service Effectiveness and Reach

Leverage modern app and microservices architecture to transform clinical trials, collect real-world evidence and improve patient engagement.

Boost Operational Efficiency, Lower TCO

Consolidate and standardize operations on one digital foundation. Reduce IT complexity and costs while boosting the performance of all apps and services.

Strengthen Cybersecurity Protection

Embed security into every layer of the IT infrastructure to prevent, detect and respond to threats and abnormalities. Deliver Zero-Trust security at scale.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Advance New Treatments with Multi-Cloud

Facilitate next-generation digital drug development, clinical trials and real-world evidence with a flexible cloud software platform that integrates across all app types and cloud environments.

Broaden Reach of Digital Services

Extend patient engagement beyond physical boundaries and clinical trials with modern app solutions. Speed development and delivery of new digital experiences and rapidly iterate to improve outcomes.

Speed Time to Insights and Discovery

Gain an end-to-end infrastructure platform optimized for AI, ML and data analytics workloads. Reduce the cost of high performance computing while ensuring high availability of apps and services.

Efficiently Scale Capacity and Control Costs

Meet new digital demands and control costs with intelligent hybrid cloud infrastructure. Automate IT across heterogenous environments to increase efficiency, improve service delivery and minimize risk.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Biology Moves from Hardware to Software

Using software and a genetic sequence online, Moderna designed a COVID-19 vaccine in just two days. Design and delivery went from 20 months to two, thanks to agile, interoperable IT infrastructure.

More Life Sciences Solutions

Empower Patients and an Anywhere Workforce

Transform clinical trials, drive digital patient engagement and support a distributed workforce with VMware modern app and Anywhere Workspace solutions.

Protect Intellectual Property and PHI

Ensure intellectual property and protected health information are safe from cyberattacks. Build consumer trust by securing sensitive data everywhere.

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