Empower the Digital Workspace for Manufacturing

Change the game on the plant floor and across manufacturing operations with mobile devices. Securely extend beyond the four walls of the plant, giving consumer-simple, enterprise-secure access to apps and data to workers, contractors, and suppliers. Collaborate simply while better safeguarding intellectual property (IP) and designs across locations and regions. Increase job satisfaction and improve efficiency.

Siemens Wind Power

See how this manufacturer is using VMware to create and share CAD drawings worldwide.

Solution Benefits

Boost workforce efficiency

Improve productivity, shorten response times, and drive competitive advantage by securely delivering a digital workspace on any device, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Improve data security

Reduce demand for physical connections, computers, and power consumption and eliminate the need for data to circulate over networks or reside on individual devices.

Enable BYOD / COPE initiatives

Securely support bring-your-own device (BYOD) and company-owned, personally enabled (COPE) device initiatives to better retain employees and engage supply chains.

Lower costs and increase flexibility

Provide an always-available virtual desktop instead of offices to contractors and employees to work remotely—reducing office space requirements and costs—and simply application lifecycle management.


Mobilize workforces with secure access to data and apps, from any device, anywhere with VMware:

VMware Workspace ONE 

Deliver a high-performance, highly reliable secure digital workspace for business-critical applications.

VMware AirWatch 

Easily enable workers to interact with the information they need (e.g. maintenance plans, product designs, production manuals, and more) from wherever they are working, on their own and company-owned devices.

VMware Horizon 

Standardize on virtual desktops, giving contractors and employees a secure, reliable, high-performance, and consistent computing environment to collaborate on designs, (2D and 3D CAD) models, and other IP.

VMware App Volumes 

Transform application delivery and management with a just-in-time application delivery and lifecycle management platform.


Langs Building Supplies

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Lufthansa Cargo

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Sogeclair Aerospace

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