Why Retailers Choose VMware 

Transform Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

Build on a digital foundation that provides the greatest flexibility, reliability, protection and scalability to personalize and secure customer experiences.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Shorten response times with fast, easy and secure access to the data and apps that associates and call center employees need—on smartphones, tablets and laptops—when they need them.

Lower IT Costs and Improve Agility

Simplify infrastructure, application and device management across retail locations for part and full-time associates with a secure digital foundation.

Bolster Data Security

Build security into your retail infrastructure to protect against increasing cyber threats and ransomware success.

Use Cases

Improve Service and Efficiency by Standardizing and Automating Data Centers

Consolidate and standardize on-premises retail infrastructure on one digital foundation. Bring cloud capabilities and new delivery models to the data center, and bridge infrastructure and workflow silos between digital and physical commerce. Automate to increase operational efficiency and IT services and business function availability.

Transition to a Digital

Enable New Capabilities, Value and Agility With Modern Application Architecture

Migrate or modernize legacy technologies impeding operational agility. Rationalize the retail app portfolio and reduce technical debt with modern app development and delivery. Incrementally update traditional and monolithic applications to speed new capabilities to market using modern, cloud-native principles and agile methodologies.

VMware Tanzu


VMware Cloud on AWS

Transition to a Digital

Accelerate Greater Scale, Resiliency and Agility Across Retail Operations

Leverage public and hybrid cloud to deliver on-demand access to retail infrastructure, apps and services across retail operations and environments, including mobile, in-store and edge.

VMware Cloud on AWS


vRealize Cloud Management

Transition to a Digital

Rapidly Respond to Consumer Expectations and Market Opportunities Across Channels

Accelerate time to market for new capabilities that enhance operations and meet customer needs across physical and digital channels. Leverage modern infrastructure and application architecture to flexibly adapt to fast-changing business needs, transform development and operations together, and serve customers anywhere they want to shop.


VMware NSX



Transition to a Digital

Expand Retail Ecosystems and Technologies Integration for New Routes to Market

Integrate with the wider ecosystem of retail partners, platforms and marketplaces to deliver new product and service offerings; competitive differentiation across omnichannel customer touchpoints; and new routes to market.

Transition to a Digital

AutoZone Releases More Features Faster

AutoZone, the largest automotive aftermarket retailer in the U.S., began a journey to cloud-native computing and empowered developers to maintain their competitive edge. 


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More Retail Solutions 

Improve Customer Experience While Empowering Associates

Digitally transform customer and associate experiences to enable connected retail IT. VMware’s modern solutions power mobile workflows and modern apps, empower associates and deliver exceptional customer experiences to give people the information and apps they need, when they need them.

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Protect Retail Data and Consumer Trust

Protect sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) for your customers and employees, and maintain PCI compliance in a digital-first world. VMware’s solutions provide intrinsic security, zero-trust access and endpoint protection.

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