Automate your network and accelerate new services with VMware vCloud NFV.

VMware vCloud NFV is an ETSI compliant fully integrated, modular and multi-tenancy NFV platform. vCloud NFV enables wireline and wireless service providers to deploy an elastic business model for cross-cloud services and service enablement while simplifying networks and reducing TCO.


What vCloud NFV Does

Delivers Carrier-Grade Network Availability

vCloud NFV is a highly available, multi-tenancy platform that has been tuned for service provider requirements. With optimized resource management and prioritization of resources based on your workloads, vCloud NFV ensures top performance, scalability and high resiliency for your critical network services.

Streamlines Operations Management and Analytics

vCloud NFV delivers a single pane of glass with 360 degree visibility and monitoring of your platform along with predictive analytics and logging insights to give you greater control of your network. With policy based automation, you can streamline key network processes and allocate and provision VM resources to rapidly provision and deploy VNFs.

Includes Advanced Networking and Security

vCloud NFV embeds networking and security functionality and provides a complete set of logical networking elements and services including switching, routing, QoS and monitoring that can be programmatically provisioned and managed. Networks and VNFs are secure from any outside threats with automated, fine grained policies tied to the virtual machines.

Lets You Automate and Orchestrate Networks

vCloud NFV provides a Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) that controls and manages the NFVI compute, storage and network resources. You can automate and orchestrate your network infrastructure without worrying about the underlying physical configuration of resources. As a result, you can accelerate and simplify resource provisioning and launch new services faster.

The Foundation for 5G


5G and Virtualization—From Edge to Cloud to Data Center

Learn how 5G networks are the catalyst to a smart connect future.

5G gives you the opportunity to rethink your multi-cloud network strategy. VMware can help you plan and manage your multi-cloud network to support your business—and maintain the exceptional quality of experience your customers demand. Our 5G-ready NFV platform is fine-tuned to support the rapid rollout of next-generation services, so you can accelerate time to revenue and reduce your infrastructure costs.


Paving the Way for 5G Success

Shekar Ayyar outlines how telco's can get 5G ready and prosper in the cloud economy.

CSP Operations in a NFV World

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Joining Forces to Accelerate 5G

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Carrier Grade NFV OpenStack

Download TCO analysis and see how the cost of deploying and operating VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack is 47% lower than alternatives.

Go Cloud Native

A step by step approach to cloud native applications and VNFs for 5G networks.

5G Ready Infrastructure

Learn how CSPs can rapidly operationalize an NFV deployment in multi-cloud, multi-vendor environments.


vCloud NFV is an open, carrier grade NFVI platform. It delivers a tightly integrated and fully tested solution with virtual compute, storage, and networking resources coupled with a powerful and flexible Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM), along with robust, intelligent operations management. Eliminate vendor lock-in and deploy multi-vendor Virtual Network Functions (VNF), allowing you to accelerate and automate the process of instantiating, provisioning and managing services that can be personalized and customized as required.

Learn more about VMware vCloud NFV



CSPs faced with top-line and bottom-line pressures are moving from a packaged hardware approach to an NFV-driven, software-defined approach for their core network environments. While NFV is critical to CSPs ability to deliver services and capitalize on new opportunities, their capacity to virtualize and deploy services quickly is hampered by a lack of effective root cause analysis and systems that can quickly detect service interruptions and service degradations that impact subscribers Quality of Experience. This is an increasing important area of focus, given the rapid changes happening in CSP networks as they deploy 4G services and prepare for 5G services including support for IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.


VMware Smart Assurance provides assurance capabilities to deliver service impact and root-cause analysis with visibility across physical and virtual networks, and cloud environments, to identify how resources are being consumed and whether service level agreements are being met. This transparency enables CSPs to visualize, analyze and optimize their environments to enable faster resolution times and proactive identification of issues that will provide greater return on NFV and IT investments along with improved QoS. VMware Smart Assurance is complemented by VMware technologies, including VMware vCloud NFV, VMware vRealize Operations, VMware vRealize Network Insight and VMware NSX SD-WAN.


  • Gain deep network insights and understand the complex, fast-changing relationships interconnecting physical and virtual network infrastructure (compute, network, and storage). Analyze availability, performance, and configuration information to quickly identify root causes, risk conditions, and proactively resolve issues before business impact and SLA violations occur.
  • Automatically discover and model all parts of the network service-delivery environments being monitored. This unique foundation enables it to analyze availability, performance, and configuration events, and quickly identify root causes, risk conditions, and SLA violations.
  • Automate management capabilities to monitor and maximize service availability, performance, efficiency and service levels. With VMware Smart Assurance, CSPs gain critical management insights across physical and virtual environments to ensure that applications and services are being delivers based on CSP SLAs. VMware Smart Assurance also simplifies the operational management of complex cloud and virtual networks, leading to enhanced network operations staff productivity and efficiency.


Multi-access Edge Computing

Multi-access Edge Computing allows CSPs to expand service offerings by pushing cloud-native applications down to the network edge by providing a dynamically sliceable network that provides a low-latency, high-capacity, cloud-programmable environment. CSPs can deploy Machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Connected Car in a MEC architecture. VMware vCloud NFV allows CSPs to accelerate service innovation, streamline operations, and deploy an agile network to deliver multiple services.


The shift of enterprise applications and services to the cloud and delivering services to branch offices requires a new level of reliability, performance and security. SD-WAN solutions enable service providers to deliver elastic bandwidth, advanced services and greater flexibility with cost and QoS to enterprise customers. Leverage the benefits of virtualization including simplified deployment of services, centralized policy and operational management.

Virtual CPE

Virtualizing Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) allows service providers to host services in their cloud, including VPN, routing and security functionality. It gives your customers the flexibility to select their services when and where they want. vCPE delivers a highly personalized and easy to use service for your customers, while simplifying operations and lowering costs. It lays the foundational fabric for future value-added-services.

Connected Car

The tremendous growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) presents enormous opportunities for CSPs in all vertical industries, particularly in the automotive industry, where the connected car is the focus of intense innovation. CSPs are leveraging NFV to deliver exciting new connected car use cases, where they will require to support low-latency applications while leveraging distributed mobile edges. vCloud NFV enables CSPs to capitalize on the burgeoning revenue opportunities presented by automotive IoT services.

Active Assurance

Delivering differentiated services and improving subscriber experience are key factors for CSPs to succeed. However, with the rapid pace of change in software-defined networks, CSPs may experience service degradations and require systems in place to mitigate those risks. VMware and Netrounds Active Assurance combined solution provides end-to-end service and infrastructure visibility and service remediation to drive optimal network performance and deliver higher QoE for subscribers.

Virtual IMS

Service providers are offering new innovative services that can be quickly deployed, are scalable and can be customized based on customer’s requirements, such as VoLTE. Virtualizing the telco operators’ IMS network gives a cost effective, dynamically scalable and flexible solution, so that you can deploy IP telephony services quickly, efficiently and reliably while offering a high Quality of Experience for subscribers.

Virtual EPC

The explosion of data, video and devices is driving service providers to transform their network architecture to a more agile, virtual network that can scale and add new innovative services while reducing complexity and costs. Virtual EPC allows operators to optimize and transform their core network architectures to accelerate customer onboarding, expand to differentiated services, connected devices, and flexibility in footprint and scale.

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VMware Ready for NFV is a certification program that recognizes VMware VNF partners who have validated their solutions with the vCloud NFV platform.

VMware Ready for NFV certified partners will have completed a range of interoperability and interworking assessments in a dedicated accreditation facility and will have greater access to VMware product roadmaps and solution development strategies to ensure their solutions continue to maximize the potential of the underlying vCloud NFV platform.


Click here to learn about our technology partners certified under the VMware Ready for NFV Program.



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