Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility

Make your compute, storage and networking more flexible and secure than ever before. The VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) brings extensibility to your virtualization and hybrid cloud environments while lowering your capital costs.

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At VMware, we’ll work with you to enable a single, unified platform that delivers unprecedented agility, speed and security. Our SDDC architecture can reduce your data center CapEx by consolidating and extending data centers from private to hybrid clouds.

With VMware as your strategic partner, you will gain the expertise, experience, best practices and partner ecosystem you need for your business to thrive.


VMware IT Outcomes: Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility

See how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center enables Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility. 

Expect Results

Our SDDC reduces CapEx up to 49%1 compared to hardware-defined data center approaches. As a result, it reduces your time-to-value and frees up budgets so IT can pursue innovation and fuel business growth.


Many IT organizations start off with projects such as consolidating servers, migrating from Unix to Linux or consolidating data centers to help capitalize on these savings.





Choice Hotels


“The release cycle was 4-6 weeks for an application stack to be stood up and handed over to the development teams. Today, using vRealize Automation, our java/middleware application stack is stood up inside of 30 minutes and requested by the end-user themselves, so infrastructure is no longer in the loop, and no longer seen as a roadblock by our application teams.”

— Joey Coco, Senior Virtualization Engineer, Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations

Simplify and automate data center operations for intelligent management across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. The result? Better performance and lower OpEx.

Intelligent Operations Management Control

Achieve intelligent operations management across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures – from vSphere and Hyper-V, to OpenStack, Amazon Web Services and physical hardware. VMware can help you optimize and improve your infrastructure performance, capacity, health and costs through third-party integration, proactive analysis, smart alerts, customization, and unified management.


VMware IT Outcomes: Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations

See how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center enables Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations.

Many IT organizations will start with improving capacity and performance management to achieve the operational efficiencies across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments.




Columbia Sportswear


As we go forward, we are really looking for application developers to think more like operations and our operations to think more like application developers. vRealize Automation has given us that capability to have those groups as well as security and other interested parties sit side by side to collaborate and to figure out what capabilities need to be brought online. And as those capabilities have been created in templates and blueprints, they can be re-used and actually handed off to those teams to for self-provisioning and management.


— Scott Nasello, Columbia Sportswear

Application and Infrastructure Delivery Automation

Deploy and manage your applications and IT services across private, public and hybrid infrastructures in just minutes with automated, agile provisioning.

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Respond quickly to business requests and deploy resources to even the most demanding users, with self-service automation that easily scales up or down. Deliver data center infrastructure – along with applications such as SAP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, big data and mobile apps – across private, hybrid and public clouds in minutes.


Rapid IT Service Delivery

Automation through VMware’s software-defined data center helps improve IT services provisioning time by up to 66%1 and responsiveness to IT service requests by as much as 37%2.


VMware IT Outcomes: Application and Infrastructure Delivery Automation

See how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center enables Application and Infrastructure Delivery Automation.

As companies build out their data center, one of first projects to take advantage of automation is IT automating its own processes and systems. Once executed, IT may expand to delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service and additional services to the developer community. 





See how Symantec adopted a VMware software-defined data center approach for faster creation of new test environments, reducing deployment times from 30 hours to just minutes.

Digital Workspace

Bring speed and mobility to your business. Deliver access to any application on any device, anywhere – with security and management that’s simple and unified.

Secure Access to any Application, Any Device, Anywhere

The world moves fast and your business needs to move with it. Imagine if your business processes and operations could capture all the efficiencies and advantages of mobility and the cloud.

We have the technology to make it happen: technology that spans desktop and application virtualization, mobile management and content collaboration. It’s all supported by a foundation of hybrid cloud infrastructure and next-generation networking. VMware can help you take workforce productivity to greater heights, while you grow your business and connect with customers in new ways.


Case Study: Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines enhances employee productivity for flight crews by providing real-time access to information and business processes while on the go.

Bring your own device (BYOD), Windows 10 adoption and unified identify management are just a few initiatives that companies often explore and execute to achieve the employee productivity and improved customer experience that VMware technologies offer.



Security Controls Native to Infrastructure

Transform how network and security policies are managed in your infrastructure. Our virtualization technology enables fine-grained security controls from inside the data center.

Maximize Flexibility with Micro-Segmentation

Improve your security to resources ratio and gain greater flexibility with less effort when you virtualize networking and security services with VMware. We’ll help you leverage your existing infrastructure with a network virtualization platform that is hypervisor- and hardware-agnostic and integrates with any cloud management platform.


Network and security services can be tied to individual workloads or virtual machines for more granular control of security settings at the infrastructure level, enabling micro-segmentation inside the data center.


VMware IT Outcomes: Security Controls Native to Infrastructure

See how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center enables Security Controls Native to Infrastructure.

Micro-segmentation for the data center as well as the desktop are a couple of IT initiatives that allows companies to gain the security and network virtualization benefits from VMware.

  • Third-party security solutions integration, including
    Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro and Symantec

High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure

Help ensure application and IT service continuity with a resilient and easy-to-manage infrastructure, coupled with best-in-class automated disaster recovery.

Best-in-Class, Automated Disaster Recovery

Your business pays a high price for downtime, so you need to ensure that your critical functions are always on and running. With VMware, you can protect your data and applications across the data center to help guarantee business continuity and ensure regulatory compliance.


We make it simple and cost-efficient to achieve high availability through flexible, rules-based application and IT business continuity and disaster recovery, data protection and resource availability – from private to hybrid clouds.


More Uptime, Lower Costs

VMware is enabling major companies across many industries to reduce their disaster recovery management costs by up to 50%1 and increase uptime by as much as 36% for business-critical applications2.


VMware IT Outcomes: High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure

See how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center enables High Availability.

  • vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus
  • vCloud Air



ABN AMRO N.V. Singapore


“We as a bank are now convinced that our strategy of moving to a virtual data centre is actually enabling our business to be more efficient and more profitable, and will enable our business to grow at a faster pace because we can [quickly] deliver solutions to market.”

— Dirk Sibiet , Country Technology Officer ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Singapore & ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia and Middle East  

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