Protect Your Network with Micro-Segmentation

Achieve zero trust security for applications in private and public cloud environments by blocking lateral movement with VMware NSX micro-segmentation capabilities. Define and enforce network security policies consistently on any workload hosted anywhere, from a single management pane. Lock down critical apps, create a logical DMZ in software, and reduce the attack surface of your virtual desktop environment.

Introduction to VMware NSX Security and Micro-Segmentation Video

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Leverage Micro-Segmentation to Strengthen Defenses

Secure critical workloads and environments with granular micro-segmentation, stateful Layer 7 controls, and simplified management.

Elevate Zero-Trust Security

Elevate Zero-Trust Security

Organizations are leveraging micro-segmentation capabilities to effectively protect critical workloads inside the perimeter firewall.

Secure Your Apps with Consistent, Adaptive Security

Slash Policy Discovery Time

Accelerate policy generation with automated app discovery, recommendations for groups and segmentation rules, and intuitive workflows for iterative planning — all driven by the unique visibility NSX has into network traffic and workload behavior

Extend to Stateful L7 Security Controls

Go beyond basic Layer 4 port blocking policies to a complete stack of stateful Layer 7 firewall controls, and then leverage tight integration with AppDefense to deliver workload protection with application control and behavior monitoring.

Deliver Consistent Policy Enforcement

Stop managing disparate policies across your environment. Enforce network security policies that span multi-data-center and hybrid cloud environments to secure traffic between VMs, containers, bare metal servers, and public clouds, globally.

Provide Adaptive Security Policies

Leverage a dynamic object-based policy model that automatically keeps policies up to date from provisioning through application and workload lifecycles — simplifying management, automating incident response, and eliminating stale policies.

Spotlight on Network Micro-Segmentation 

Interfaith Medical Enhances Data and Application Security

Interfaith Medical Center Protects Critical Patient Data

Interfaith Medical Center bolsters application and network security to better safeguard patient data.

Hutto Independent School District Embraces Next-Gen Security

Hutto ISD solved its scalability and security challenges by combining vSphere and NSX.

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Midsize Enterprises: Drive Security While Meeting Compliance Requirements

Leverage a single solution for network virtualization and micro-segmentation.

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Enable Zero Trust with Built-In App Security

Leverage your existing virtualization infrastructure to shrink your application attack surface.

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Deliver a Modern Micro-Segmentation Solution

Protect Critical Applications

Prevent spread of threats by blocking lateral movement between applications and workloads with micro-segmentation using NSX. Ensure that policies stay up-to-date automatically as applications evolve, and enable rapid and granular responses to incidents.

Speed Operations with Deep Visibility

Enable faster iteration on policy definition and incident response with hierarchical application topology maps. Easily drill-down from high-level applications to a detailed context for each workload, including an inventory of every end-point and its traffic flows.

Secure Virtual Desktop Environments

Block lateral movement between virtual desktops by enforcing security policies based on user identity and context, down to the RDSH session level. Eliminate the cost and operational complexity of third-party load balancers, by using software load balancing in NSX to manage VDI traffic.

Create DMZs in Software

Create and manage DMZs, application environments, and security zones for compliance entirely in software — reducing the need for additional costly physical appliances and vastly simplifying operations.

Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

Upgrade to Intrinsic Security

Rely on the only purpose-built internal firewall to secure east-west network traffic and protect workloads consistently across clouds.

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Build on a Foundation of NSX

Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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Get Recommended Security Policies

Simplify operationalizing micro-segmentation with rich application topology visualization and automated policy recommendations.

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Leverage Global Visibility

Enhance your management of network traffic and security protections with 360 degree visibility across all your environments.

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