Modern SecOps for Distributed IT

SOC teams struggle to keep pace with adversaries in a distributed world as alerts from siloed, disparate systems lack context and delay remediation time. VMware connects your critical control points to streamline SecOps and scale your response across modern apps, multi-clouds, and a hybrid workforce. With Modern SecOps, you’ll get increased operational confidence, reduced time to resolution and future-ready security.

Increase Operational Confidence

Gain authoritative context from visibility, depth and accuracy of data collection with transparency built into our best of breed platform for securing endpoints and workloads.

With out of the box operational confidence, you can deliver intelligent risk correlation with proactive prevention, detection, and response to effectively reduce risk while maximizing the use of your security team.

Reduce Time to Resolution

Execute rapid response with surgical remediation, and minimize time spent reimaging. You can reclaim existing security headcount to focus on proactive threat hunting with risk-prioritized vulnerabilities.

Security teams benefit from the highest level of clarity into the events occurring within their assets, ensuring intelligent and fast resolution — whether on-site or remote.

Future-Ready Security

Establish an end-to-end security posture that’s future-ready with visibility beyond your endpoints to enable better, faster detection and coordinated response.

With security modules that grow with you and integrations with tools that fit into your existing workflows, we meet you where you are in security maturity and move you to where you want to be.

VMware Products for Modernizing the SOC

Improve context into risks and threats, respond collaboratively between controls and teams, and ensure visibility across an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure.

Carbon Black Cloud

Best of breed platform for securing endpoints and workloads

Carbon Black MDR

Managed detection and response, supported by our expert threat analyst team

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

East-west traffic intrusion detection and prevention

Security Professional Services

Assess, design, and implement VMware technologies across your control points

Carbon Black Endpoint

Cloud-native endpoint protection

NSX Network Detection & Response

AI-powered correlation of events across multiple detection engines

NSX Sandbox

Enable accurate detection and prevention of unknown and advanced threats

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