Simplify and Automate Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Multi-cloud environments that span on-premises data centers and multiple cloud service providers are inherently elastic, highly scalable, and complex. VMware Elastic Application Secure Edge (EASE) provides a common policy model across multi-cloud environments to seamlessly connect, secure, observe, and make workloads highly available across different cloud environments.

Get Insights on Hybrid Cloud and Data Center Security

Read the ESG research study that confirms nearly 90 percent of enterprise organizations run hybrid cloud environments today, and nearly 75 percent of respondents see consistent policy enforcement as a top consideration.

Drive Multi-Cloud Networking with the NSX Portfolio

Enable Consistent Policy Across Clouds

Apply consistent networking and security policies for apps running across both private and public clouds. NSX allows you to choose the best platform per workload and delivers a rich set of Layer 2 to Layer 7 networking and security services for all types of use cases.

Ensure Consistent Security Across Clouds

Divide your environment into distinct security micro-segments — down to the level of the individual workload — and define context-aware security policies based on dynamic security groups. NSX delivers granular protection that shields apps and data from lateral threats.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption, with Lower TCO

Get faster time-to-value. VMware HCX delivers effortless application mobility and is purpose-built for vSphere workloads. Enjoy lower upfront planning time by eliminating redesign analysis and avoiding a vSphere upgrade.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Work with the same automation and operations tools that are already familiar to you. NSX provides a consistent platform across data center, cloud, and edge — ensuring the same operational model for all environments.


Distributed firewalling for workloads anywhere


Complete network integration between on-premises and public cloud


Secure, bi-directional application migration across environments.


Used to run 1000s of workload by customers around the world


What Are the Key Use Cases for NSX Multi-Cloud Networking?

Deliver Seamless Connectivity Across Clouds

Securely connect on-premises data centers to VMware Cloud on AWS to leverage scale, redundancy, and economics with NSX. Enable data centers across geographic boundaries, both physical and cloud, to use the same extended network if required.

Optimize Hybrid Cloud Networking and Security

Get single-pane-of-glass visibility, rich networking capabilities, consistent security policy, and granular, operationally scalable micro-segmentation across your hybrid cloud network with VMware NSX Cloud.

Enable Migrations Across Clouds and Data Centers

Accelerate cloud adoption and easily implement large-scale workload migrations across varied vSphere versions with VMware HCX. Thousands of VMs can be migrated to cloud, live, without requiring a reboot.

We’re Powering Our Customers’ Success

Baystate Health Makes Their Network Secure and Agile

Baystate Health leveraged hyperconverged infrastructure from VMware to make huge gains in storage capacity, security, and cost savings despite a rapidly changing environment.

Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities


Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX


Enable effortless mobility for your VMs via VMware HCX, an application migration platform for VMware SDDCs

NSX Cloud

Deliver consistent networking and security for your applications running natively on public clouds — from a single pane of glass

VMware Cloud on AWS

Deliver a consistent hybrid cloud by extending your on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud and to AWS Outposts

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